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Learn about online dating how-tos, dos and don’ts, handling the ups and downs and having fun — all as I see it from my own experiences.

Navigating Online Dating During Different Life Stages

As much as society tries to tell us that dating is reserved for young folk, this idea is not true whatsoever. Dating is something that anyone and everyone can do at any phase of their life. As a young adult fresh out of college, a single mother two years out of a...

Balancing Transparency and Privacy in Dating Profile Creation

When it comes time to create your dating profile, many thoughts might be racing through your mind. Questions like, "How much information should I share?" and "What details should I keep private?" are common concerns. Finding the right balance between transparency and...

My Biggest Criticism As An Online Dating Profile Writer

The Question I Can’t Answer   People often ask me what my success rate is.   It's embarrassing. I want to have an answer. A good answer. But, I don’t.    I've tried getting answers from people, but only crickets respond to my outreach. I do value what...

Cultivating Curiosity: Crafting Your Dating Profile to Stimulate Meaningful Conversations

In this digital age where we are only able to get a small glimpse into the lives of other online dating suiters, curiosity becomes even more relevant. It serves as the bridge that connects us beyond the surface-level photos and curated highlights we see online.  In...

First Impressions Count: Tips for Making Initial Contact in Online Dating

First impressions are an essential part of having success in the online dating world. According to a study published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, “romantic first impressions seem to linger”.  Now, you might be thinking, "Geez, that sounds kinda...


July 2024
Three Things Not To Do When Online Dating

Three Things Not To Do When Online Dating

Things Not To Do When Online Dating No one said online dating was easy. Just like in-person dating, it’s full of nervous excitement, changing expectations, and (at times) bittersweet rejection. And there’s no guaranteed way to avoid every dating misstep. But, as...

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"Thank you for doing this I’m in awe, you are so creative. I would have never been able to say everything like you did."

Jennifer B.

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"Thank you so much Lydia.  This does really help and jives with my evolving understanding of the modern dating world 🙂 I really appreciate your service. "

Todd K.

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"I wanted to thank you for the match.com profile you wrote for me. Ever since I started using it, my response rate on emails has gone from about 10% to 50%, and I’ve been getting more high quality dates. "

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