Formatting Your Online Dating Profile

You may not think of formatting as something that matters when writing your online dating profile. After all, it’s not a college essay. 

However, formatting is important and I will show you why.

Your online dating profile is the one aspect of your dating journey that you can 100% control. This is your chance to take the bull by the horns and make sure your profile looks good.

While traditional formatting is applicable to open-ended platforms like or eHarmony, there is formatting nuance to apps like Tinder and Bumble, as well.   

What Is Formatting? 

Formatting is how writing appears on a page, or in the case of online dating, a screen. What does formatting do? It ensures readability. You want your online dating profile to be simple and easy to read.

If you don’t pay attention to how your dating profile appears to others, you may lose readers simply because your profile was too difficult to read.

You want your online dating profile to flow. You want the reader to absorb and understand what you’re saying with ease. 

Spacing Matters 

One big mistake I often see people make with their online dating profile is posting one big block of text. Instead of writing proper paragraphs and including spaces, it’s one sentence after another. Or worse, one long run-on-sentence.

Have you come across this? This is particularly noticeable if you are on your phone. Too much text looks like a black square, and it’s difficult to read.  

When I write online dating profiles for people I include many paragraph breaks, and I make sure to tell people to leave the spaces I include, instead of letting them run altogether. 

Punctuation and Emojis

The editor for Entrepreneur magazine, Jason Feifer, met his wife on OKCupid. I listened to them tell their story on a podcast. She said she was impressed with his use of a semi-colon. Something to think about.

First off, the grammar police isn’t coming after you. Let’s not rip each other apart for one or two oopsies. But, too many mistakes balled up in one and you’re doing yourself a disservice.  


Commas are an easy one for people to have an opinion about. Limit your use and you’re better off. Too many commas create a cluttered look. 

For instance, if you have a lot of hobbies it’s tempting to list them all, resulting in the use of lots of commas.

I like to hike, ski, play board games, bike, golf, woodworking, garden, and go wine tasting.

This is better: 

I have an eclectic array of hobbies which include skiing, hiking and playing golf.

Colons and Semicolons

I love using colons and semicolons. They help separate two independent but congruent statements. They save you from using conjunction words like and, if, but, however, etc. 

Think about this: On a platform like Bumble with limited character space, saving yourself a couple words will help. 

See what I did there with the colon?

You can use a semicolon like this:

I’d like to be in a relationship that is a true partnership; a relationship that utilizes teamwork and open honest communication. 

Exclamation Points

Don’t go crazy with the exclamation points. Like commas, too many create clutter, with an added loudness. 

If you are an energetic, expressive person, say that instead. Such as,

You’ll find me to have an expressive personality: I have a very animated way of speaking. 


Don’t use emojis. I know in some cases, space is limited and emojis are often used to convey a message which otherwise takes up too much space with words. However, you don’t want people to have to decipher your meaning. Your dating profile is not Pictionary. It’s always better to be straight forward.  

Common Spelling Errors

Again, let’s not condemn each other for not having a Pulitzer prize winning online dating profile. A spelling error here and/or there shouldn’t make or break your worthiness to finding love. 

However, knowing is half the battle. Save yourself some grief and double check your spelling accuracy. 

Pro Tip: Read your work out loud. 

A lot (correct) vs. Alot (incorrect)

I have a lot of pumpkins growing in my garden.

Their, There and They’re

They’re taking their dog for a walk.

I’ll see you there!

To vs. Too

I’m going to the store.

The beach is too hot for me.


Don’t forget what people read in between the lines. Formatting is important because it also shows care and consideration. It’s a simple thing lots of people don’t pay attention to. Yes, it may not be your college essay, but if you treat it as such, people will notice your effort. Well-written, thoughtful online dating profile will stand out much brighter than a sloppy, cluttered profile. 



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