Get To Know Lydia

I’m not just a creative writer. I am also a reader. 

I have read thousands upon thousands of online bios. As a former prospect researcher, it was my job to identify certain alumni with the propensity and capacity to give philanthropically. I’ve seen countless LinkedIn bios, company web bios and personal websites. I’ve learned what I like to see and what not to see.

I also have personal experience with online dating, I’m a world-traveler and educated in mental health counseling. I want to help people have success when online dating, and it all starts with the profile. 

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“Lydia summed up who I am and what I’m looking for, but in a casual way that comes off as professional, confident, and honest!”

Jonathan, 52, USA

Lydia sits on a chair facing off towards the left. She is wearing a flowy pink blouse and is smiling.

Meet Aja

I know that your dating profile is much more than a simple introduction– it’s a representation of your personality, values, and character to potential partners. With limited space and so much to say, I know it can feel impossible to chose what to include, what to leave out, and how to show your authentic self through a screen. 

With a background in ghostwriting and an education in interpretation and linguistics, I take pride in finding the perfect language to convey nuanced messages and paint a complete picture of who you are and exactly what you are looking for. I’m a people person at heart, and my favorite part of my job is watching someone’s confidence grow as they get more comfortable talking about themselves. 

“I’m not sure I even have the words to relay how impressed I am with Aja.

I was completely floored by what she wrote! I feel like she was in my head. She took everything I wanted to get across and wrote it in a way I could never quite get right. Heck, she was able to relay things I hadn’t realized I should relay!”

Alan, 42, USA

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