Past Client Testimonials

“Darn You’re Good. This is perfect.”

Ron B.

“Hello Lydia, Last year at this time I contacted you and you helped me with my profile. Just wanted you to know I was married on October 5th to an amazing man I met on “match.” I am so glad I stepped out and took that chance… Thought you’d be excited to hear the good news.”

Heidi G.

Love it. Thanks for everything!

Gina H.

“I showed it to 3 of my female friends and they said they loved what you wrote and said definitely go with this one! I think that’s proof of something! Thank you so much!”

Brian H.


“Feel lucky to have met an exceptional guy! He’s a true renaissance man!”

Lisa Y.

“The profile is absolutely perfect! You did a great job crafting words with an authentic sounding voice to describe what I am looking for and who I am. Thank you so much!”

Tara M.

“I hope this message finds you well. I just wanted to let you know that I received a lot of positive feedback on the profile. Several people said it’s one of the best they’ve read and many others thought my excitement and positivity for life came through. I’ve received hundreds of messages.”

Sasha O.

“Thank you that is great!  I love it, punchy and fun.”

Rachel B.


“Oh my gosh Lydia! I love it! You are fantastic! I wish I could do that. Maybe because I’m writing about myself and that is hard for me. But you nailed it!  That’s me!”

Jo L.

“I love it!  You get the “ultimate” compliment from my 16 year old.

She said ‘I really think she did a great job of capturing your true essence mom.'”

Melinda E.

“Hi Lydia, hope all is well. Thank you for doing a great job on my profile. At first I was thinking about doing some editing but thankful I decided on trusting what you wrote and posted the original version on, because I have gotten so many compliments from ladies all around the country saying how much they like my profile.”

Wayne C.

“This does really help and jives with my evolving understanding of the modern dating world 🙂 I really appreciate your service.”

Todd K.

“Hi Lydia, I read through it a few times and I have to say that I am so impressed with what you wrote. You summed up who I am and what i’m looking for, but in an casual way that comes off as professional, confident and honest!”

Johnathan C.

“I had been using online dating for approximately 3 months. I was having difficulty attracting men that I had common interests and beliefs. I found it even more difficult to write about myself. With the questionnaire that Lydia used, it assisted her to describe me perfectly. She added just enough information to get the conversation started. I have since met a gentleman and we have been dating for 3 months now. Thank you Lydia for your help!”

Amy P.

“Lydia, Outstanding work!  Thank you so much. Now I need better pictures to live up to the generous prose.”

Chris G.

“I couldn’t write anything even closer to this, thank you so much.  I am so grateful for your help.”

Daniela R.

“I wanted to thank you for the profile you wrote for me. Ever since I started using it, my response rate on emails has gone from about 10% to 50%, and I’ve been getting more high quality dates. I was a little skeptical when I first, but clearly you know what you’re doing!”

David Q.

“You’ve done a great job! I love it. I like the way you connect those words.”

Christine R. 

“Wow, you hit the hammer on the nail. I paid for two services, one on your site and the other from profile pimpers. Your work is definitely off the chart, I am very happy with the profile you created. Thank you so much!”

Zeke A. 

“Well 5 messages since I changed my profile. And two guys said they liked what they read!!! Thank you!!!!”

Donna C.

I just wanted to take a minute to profusely thank you! I’m not sure I even have the words to relay how impressed I am with Aja.

I was completely floored by what she wrote! I feel like she was in my head. She took everything I wanted to get across and wrote it in a way I could never quite get right. Heck, she was able to relay things I hadn’t realized I should relay!

Her first drafts were flawless, and no rewrites were needed. She went above and beyond. Thank you both!

Honestly, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was an English TA in college, and I have papers that teachers had asked to keep in schools here in Michigan and on the West Coast. I half expected to be rewording and grammatically correcting anything I received. This was not the case, NOT AT ALL.

Alan B.

“I love it. It describes who I am and what I looking for perfectly.” Kevin P.

“I think this looks great.  I’m so pleased with what you have written for me.” Kay S.

“Looks great!!! I love it!”

James N.

“This questionnaire is awesome, btw.”

Mara Z.

Thank you for doing this I’m in awe, you are so creative. I would have never been able to say everything like you did.

Jennifer B.

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