Book One:

The Mindful Dating Path: A Journal
Your Guide To Self-Reflection And Intentional Dating

Sold on Amazon or directly from me: LINK TO PRODUCT HERE.

I designed this dating journal to help you process thoughts and feelings as they relate to who you are deciding to spend time with. 

This journal is a mix of guided prompts and plenty of free flow. You may want to view it as a mix of a plain journal and an interactive workbook.

The prompts are recurrent based on Date 1, Date 2, Date 3 and more. You will flip around a bit, but that’s good, have fun with it!  You’ll likely re-read something you wrote. 

Journaling helps you live in the now. Even if your mind wanders around a little bit, the act of writing it down brings you back to the now. 

The essence of journaling is meant to be releasing and it’s meant to be fun. It’s also meant to draw out honesty. Don’t think about something and then mold your thoughts. Write down your thoughts as they come, as well as your feelings and emotions.

In the journal I say:  Embrace your cloud nine as well as your shadow. If you’re feeling the good vibes, explore it. If you don’t feel nice, don’t pretend otherwise, explore it.

Figure out for yourself what the difference is. 

Sold on Amazon or directly from me. LINK TO PRODUCT HERE. 

Book Two:

How To Write A Great Online Dating Profile


Your Straight Forward Practical Guide To Start Dating On the Right Foot And Get Conversations Started

Sold on Amazon (paperback or Kindle) or directly from me: LINK TO PRODUCT HERE. 

Want to write your own online dating profile but not sure how to go about it? Not sure what to write, or what the best practices are? Within this book you will find, dos and don’ts, before and after examples, and a template to follow. There is also advice on which photos to choose and how to craft email messages. You will also find full written samples and a questionnaire to use for idea generation.

The goal of your online dating profile is to get conversations started. In this book, you will learn our strategy to create intrigue and curiosity, leaving your protentional dates asking questions because they want to learn more.

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