Want To Write A Great Bumble Profile?


Your online dating profile is the first step to meeting a special someone. It is also one of the only parts of online dating that you can 100% control. You get to decide what you say, how you say it, and ultimately what you want people to know about you. You decide your first impression. 

At 300 characters, Bumble is what I refer to as a short-form online dating profile. 

This character limit is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it eliminates the folks with a propensity to write an endless novel, but instead often results in apathetic statements such as, If there’s something you want to know, just ask.

Use The Space Given

Even with this limited space, a Bumble profile can pack a punch, if utilized correctly.

I get it, it’s tough to know what to write about yourself, what to share or what you should share. Then! When what you want to say doesn’t fit, you give up.  However, a little thought and attention will go a long way.

As an online dating profile writer, I do a lot of trial and error to make sure everyone’s profile is to the best of its ability. When I do make it on the nose or slightly under on the first round my hands go up in the air like a fancy quarterback who scored a touchdown. 50 yard pass, the crowd goes wild!

It’s fun for me. I love working with language and helping others convey their personality.

The secret is: It’s all about the headlines.

It’s tough for me to say that because I understand that the notion of headlines sounds salesy or like shopping, but you gotta let the ego step aside. You create curiosity by offering your headlines.

Curiosity is how conversations start, which is the goal of your profile.

If you’ve read Robert Green’s Art Of Seduction* then you learned that one of the keys to seduction is mystery. You want to create allure by saying something that piques curiosity, something that gives the reader wanting to know more.  

How do we find out what’s more? We ask questions.

How many times have you received a message that said, “hey, what’s up?” Or, maybe you’re the sender of such a message. One of the reasons we see this so often is so often the profile writer didn’t give the reader something to go on.   

If it makes you feel better, Must Love Dogs is a headline. I know everyone loves that one. 

However, that one is tough to respond to. What you want to strive for is a headline that leaves an opening for questions and/or comments.


Here are examples of both profile sentences and possible responses.


  • I have a great career and I can happily say I’m doing something I’m born to do and I’m good at it.
    • Wow, it really sounds like you love your job, I’d love to hear more about it.
    • I love what you said about your career, too many people are slowed down by the daily grind….. 
  • Paying it forward is important to me and I stay involved with various non-profit organizations.
    • I volunteer sometimes, too. What are your favorite organizations?
    • It’s really nice that your community is important to you. I should also do more to give back. 
  • I’ve never known anyone to resist the allure of my famous chocolate chip cookies. 
    • Okay but, how good are your snickerdoodles?
    • I’d be up for a friendly cookie bake off competition. My chocolate cookies are ok, but my snickerdoodles, off the charts.


Come up with a few of these and BOOM, you have your profile. There are also, of course, a few Bumble prompts to pick from to help add a little meat. 

Conversations don’t have to be more complicated than how I suggested they might be. It gets the ball rolling. Let the witty banter commence!

The same concept works with long-form platforms such as Match.com and eHarmony, but they offer you more room to elaborate. Slightly. Don’t go overboard! Saying too much is as bad as saying too little. Elaborate by adding a touch of feeling, or remark on how something relates to your values.

Be Bold

Most importantly, for any online dating platform, be bold and mean what you say. No matter what you share, make sure you back it up in conversation. Write what’s true to you.

Putting thought and care into your profile will stand out a lot stronger than all the details behind your words. You’ll have plenty of time to share your stories once conversations begin. 

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