Online Dating Profile Writing

“I was so discouraged, never getting any matches.

Now, thanks to Lydia, I feel confident while online dating.”

-Anna, 35, USA

Hi, I’m Lydia

Lydia stands against a wall. She is wearing a brown dress.

As an online dating profile writer, it is my mission to ensure your online dating experience is a success by helping you start conversations, go out on dates and find what you are looking for.

I’ve written 1000s of profiles, published books on the topic, and my reviews speak for themselves.

I know what works and what doesn’t.

Let me help you raise the bar and make an awesome first impression. 

Profiles That Stand Out

Profiles That Stand Out


Each letter of your profile is typed by us with you in mind. The result is unique text and tone that accurate depicts your personality.

No templates. Ever.


Conversations start with curiosity. Our profiles spark curiosity with eye-catching language and invitations to engage.

We find and highlight what makes you unique.


When your profile flows seamlessly, people are more likely to read it from start to finish. Our profiles are flawless, and we format them for each sites specifications. Nothing gets left out, no matter the word-count.

Want to know more about our profiles? Let’s talk!

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Get To Know Lydia

I’m not just a creative writer. I am also a reader. 

I have read thousands upon thousands of online bios. As a former prospect researcher, it was my job to identify certain alumni with the propensity and capacity to give philanthropically. I’ve seen countless LinkedIn bios, company web bios and personal websites. I’ve learned what I like to see and what not to see.

I also have personal experience with online dating, I’m a world-traveler and educated in mental health counseling. I want to help people have success when online dating, and it all starts with the profile. 

Want to know more? Email me directly at [email protected] and let’s talk.

“Lydia summed up who I am and what I’m looking for, but in a casual way that comes off as professional, confident, and honest!”

Jonathan, 52, USA

Lydia sits on a chair facing off towards the left. She is wearing a flowy pink blouse and is smiling.

Meet Aja

I know that your dating profile is much more than a simple introduction– it’s a representation of your personality, values, and character to potential partners. With limited space and so much to say, I know it can feel impossible to chose what to include, what to leave out, and how to show your authentic self through a screen. 

With a background in ghostwriting and an education in interpretation and linguistics, I take pride in finding the perfect language to convey nuanced messages and paint a complete picture of who you are and exactly what you are looking for. I’m a people person at heart, and my favorite part of my job is watching someone’s confidence grow as they get more comfortable talking about themselves. 

“I’m not sure I even have the words to relay how impressed I am with Aja.

I was completely floored by what she wrote! I feel like she was in my head. She took everything I wanted to get across and wrote it in a way I could never quite get right. Heck, she was able to relay things I hadn’t realized I should relay!”

Alan, 42, USA

Our Collaborative Process

We are an online company with traditional customer service. We are real writers, not AI, and are available to our clients every step of the way.  You are included in the process, not left in the dark.

More About Our Process

You Chose Your Package


Based our your unique needs and preferences.

We Get to Know You


Through your choice of extesnive questionaire or one-on-one interview.

You Recieve A Profile


And respond with any thoughts, comments, or suggestions.

We Finish the Job


Incorporating your suggestions and completeing any additonal services, such as a photo review.

You Date With Confidence


And we are here as backup with support, resources, and advice.

Do You Write Profiles For People Over 50?

Yes! Absolutely. In fact, the majority of my clients are over 35

Will This Mean My Profile Is Inauthentic?

Absolutely not! If you answer the questions genuinely and authentically, then I will be able to write a profile that captures your essence.
One thing I hear most often is, “I have a hard time writing about myself.” Totally natural.
Having trouble writing your profile, then asking for help does not make you undatable. It makes you human.
Your goal is to make connections online, start meaningful conversations, and go out on dates.
p.s. no one needs to know.

Which online dating sites do you write profiles for?

All of them! When you purchase an online dating profile package (Diamond Comprehensive or Ruby Mini) you’ll indicate what site(s) you are on.

Do you write profiles for the LGBTQ community?

Of course!

Can you share samples of your work?

Yes. Please contact me, and I will respond with sample excerpts. You can also see small samples in this article.

What payment methods do you accept?

Major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.

Do you give advice about dating?

I prefer the term counseling over advice. While I don’t formally coach, I’m happy to answer any questions you have in regards to dating. I definitely have lots of thoughts and insights from my own experiences that I can share and that you can use to navigate your dating experiences. 

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes. You can schedule your free 15-minute phone/Skype/Zoom consultation here.

Don’t see your question? Ask us!

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What We Offer…

Packages & Pricing

All Packages Are Subject to our Satisfaction Guaranteed Refund Policy


1 Profile

One Personalized Dating Profile, Formatted to Any Site

Access to Matchmaking Database



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 2-3 Profiles

Indivudally Adapted for Up To Three Platforms of Your Choice

Detailed Photo Review

Access to Matchmaking Database

Profile Set-Up Support & Resource Refferal



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 Unlimited Profiles

Personalized Profiles Optimized for Each Site You Use

Expert Online Dating Guidance, Suggestions, & Answers to Any Questions

Detailed Photo Review and Feedback

Priority Access to Matchmaking Database


Have questions about our packages and services? Send us a message and we’re happy to explain!

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What Past Clients Have to Say…

The profile is absolutely perfect!

“You did a great job crafting words with an authentic sounding voice to describe what I am looking for and who I am. Thank you so much!”

Tara, 48, Canada

I am so glad I stepped out and took that chance…

“Last year at this time I contacted you and you helped me with my profile. Just wanted you to know I was married on October 5th to an amazing man I met on “match.” I am so glad I stepped out and took that chance… Thought you’d be excited to hear the good news.”

Heidi G.

Thank you so much!

“It is perfect, simple and to the point…just like me!” 

James H.

I love it.

“Wow, I don’t think I would have seen myself like that.  I sound so good!  I appreciate the write-up.  Especially I appreciate how you summarized the type of guys I am looking for.  That would have been so challenging for me.”

Helen K.

received a lot of positive feedback on the profile.

“I just wanted to let you know that I received a lot of positive feedback on the profile. Several people said it’s one of the best they’ve read and many others thought my excitement and positivity for life came through. I’ve received hundreds of messages.” 

Sasha O.

Thank you for the profile you wrote for me.

“Ever since I started using it, my response rate on emails has gone from about 10% to 50%, and I’ve been getting more high quality dates. I was a little skeptical when I first, but clearly you know what you’re doing!” 

David Q.

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My Biggest Criticism As An Online Dating Profile Writer

The Question I Can’t Answer   People often ask me what my success rate is.   It's embarrassing. I want to have an answer. A good answer. But, I don’t.    I've tried getting answers from people, but only crickets respond to my outreach. I do value what...

The Art Of Persuasion And Your Online Dating Profile

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The Mindful Dating Path
Book cover how to write a great online dating profile.
The Mindful Dating Path: A Journal

Want to be more mindful of your experiences when dating? Use this interactive journal to help you get to the essence of you and make the right decisions.

I designed this dating journal to help you process thoughts and feelings as they relate to who you are deciding to spend time with. 

This journal is a mix of guided prompts and plenty of free flow. You may want to view it as a mix of a plain journal and an interactive workbook.

The prompts are recurrent based on Date 1Date 2Date 3 and more. You will flip around a bit, but that’s good, have fun with it!  You’ll likely re-read something you wrote.

Learn More

How to Write A Great Online Dating Profile

With this book, How To Write A Great Online Dating Profile, you will find dos and don’ts, before and after examples, and a template to follow. There is also advice on which photos to choose and how to craft email messages. You will also find full written samples and a questionnaire to use for idea generation.

Learn More

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