Which Hinge Prompts to Pick and How to Use Them

How do you choose your Hinge prompts? Which answers show the best parts of yourself? 

Here is your extensive guide to how to make the most of your hinge profile, complete with examples.

What Makes Hinge Different?


While many dating sites provide an open ended “bio” to include anything and everything about yourself, Hinge has a more specific format. 

Lists of unique questions sorted into various categories such as Date Vibes and My Type allow users to get creative. You are encouraged to choose only one question from each section, and allowed only three prompts overall. 

Each prompt has an extremely narrow 150-character limit, so make every letter count.

Take the Opportunity to Impress


There can be a tendency to opt for more casual answers. If a question can be answered simply, quickly, and with a few words, why not? 

The point is not to answer the questions. The point is to start the conversation.

Don’t take the question and answer format as a reason to make quick work of your profile. The format is an opportunity to show aspects of your personality in an engaging and imaginative way. So if you are committed to finding the right person for you, take it seriously.

Each prompt can be a door to an funny anecdote from your past, an interesting feature of your life, or a fundamentally important core value of yours. 

Remember that while you are searching for your ideal person, they are also searching for you. So make your true self easy to find. 

Here are our picks for each category’s best prompts, and how to answer them.

Hinge Category: About Me


Who are you? What invaluable information can you share about yourself in under 150 characters? 

Best Prompt 1: My Greatest Strength 


Here is your chance to directly, honestly, and sincerely share what you value most about yourself. Don’t exaggerate or minimize, and go into detail explaining how this quality shows up in your life.


Having a grounded perspective in convoluted situations. I’m rational at the best and worst of times, and my friends often come to me for advice. 

Raising the energy and motivating those around me. Always finding fun things to do, I’ll always prefer to be on the move instead of on the couch.

It can be tempting to downplay the statement with a self-deprecating joke or layer of irony. We urge you not to. 

The sarcastic approach will more often come off as you being unsure of your answer, lacking confidence, or even embarrassed to admit something good about yourself. So be proud, be sincere, and be authentic.

Best Prompt 2: My Simple Pleasures


What brings you joy? This is a chance to show potential matches a quick glance into a sweet, intimate part of your life. 

Think of pleasures that are more unique to you, not just things that everyone enjoys. Be specific, and include why this thing brings you happiness, or how it makes you feel.


When I cook for someone and see they have effortlessly finished the entire plate. I put care into the dishes I make for others, and it warms my heart to see it received. 

When conversation (and wine) flow freely in a group of friends. Not the most extroverted, but I find comfort being around people I care about. 

Best Prompt 3: This Year I Really Want To 


This questions can serve not only to show your goals, but also paint an image of what your life looks like. Use it to share your favorite parts of your life, or highlight an accomplishment on your radar.

Also opening the door to conversation, this prompt can be used to find common ground in the form of an activity you could do together.


Spend more time outside. I feel best when the air is fresh and the view is green, and I’m committed to making more time for it. Hiking recommendations are appreciated.

Learn enough guitar to impress a crowd for a minute or two. I know the basics of cello, but for some reason you don’t see those lying around at parties.

Hinge Category: Storytime


This category easily lends to conversation, especially with the right hinge prompts. Everyone has those experiences that entertain and engage, here is your chance to tease them. Remember not to give away too much, ideally this is a story you will be finishing on the first date. 

Best Prompt 1: Biggest Risk I’ve Taken


Did you make a decision that changed your life? What is that pivotal point that altered the course of your story forever? This one won’t apply to everyone, but if it applies to you, use it.


Moving halfway across the country with nothing but my car and the urge to see the ocean every morning. And now I do. 

Investing in my aspirations and throwing everything I had into my business with no backup plan. It’s never been easy but it has always been worth it. 

Best Prompt 2: Best Travel Story


If you’re someone who travels often, chances are you have one or two crazy experiences to share. Those who travel tend to be passionate about it, and this prompt effortlessly opens the door to bonding over a mutual interest.


When I got chased by an elephant in Botswana. Yes, fine, it was in a car, but still terrifying nonetheless.

Seated between a monk and a street juggler for a 5 hour train ride. We shared tea, laughs, and the most interesting conversation of my life.  

Hinge Category: Getting Personal


The repetitive grind of online dating can make one forget that each profile is a real person. Everyone is human, with hopes and fears and insecurities. This category and the best hinge prompts below can help remind us of that, with vulnerable, genuine answers that break through the digital boundary and spark a human connection.

Best Prompt 1:  The Key To My Heart Is


What is it exactly that you are searching for? Remember that your perfect person is looking for someone exactly like you, so be honest and make yourself easy to be found.


Being flirty, fun, and pushing me out of my comfort zone. I’m down-to-earth and grounded, and would love to meet someone whose nature compliments that. 

If you’re thoughtful and deliberate when you speak, always find a deeper meaning to simple things. I love having meaningful conversations.

Best Prompt 2: One Thing You Should Know About Me Is


This one can serve as a “disclaimer” of sorts. Everything on your profile should be positive, so this should not be used as any kind of warning, but rather something that you’d rather have known right away. 


My two children are the most important thing in my life. I have shared custody and cherish every bit of time I have with them. 

I have a fulfilling, rewarding career that demands a lot of my time. Taking full advantage of the time off I have, I aim to enjoy every second fully. 

Hinge Category: Let’s Chat About


All of the questions in this category are in the same vein, and essentially give you the option to choose the first topic you start about. It’s less personal and more practical. It would not be my first choice, especially when you only have three question slots. 

With that said, the goal of a profile is to start a virtual conversation. The goal of the virtual conversation is to meet in person. The goal of meeting in person is to build towards some kind of relationship. This category helps push you one step closer to that goal, so here are our tips. 

Best Prompt: Any of Them


This one is simple, choose something that you would like to talk about. It can be a strong opinion you have, something you find easy to talk about, or just a topic that’s been on your mind lately.

Stay away from sending the same messages to different people, and try to avoid the trap of conversation repeating. This can turn online dating into a tiring process where you are just going through the motions without giving it much thought.

Hinge Category: Self-Care 


Hinge leans more towards the socially-conscious side of dating sites, with various elements that make sure its users feel comfortable. Introducing this category (as well as the LGBTQIA+ category) show the platform’s dedication to this goal. 

Similarly to the Getting Personal category, these questions give you a chance to be open and even vulnerable. It may be hard to put yourself out there to the world, but cutting through the superficiality with these best hinge prompts is worth it. 

Best Prompt 1: I Wind Down By / I Hype Myself Up By


These questions and their answers have a dual purpose. They first show a crucial part of your personality by sharing what makes you feel good in one way or another. The things that bring us joy and the activities we hold dear are essential to who we are at our core.

Secondly they provide insight to what your life looks like. A potential match can read about you cooking an elaborate meal or taking a run with your dog or watching a movie and picture the scene. They can imagine if it’s a life they would fit well into.


After a long day nothing feels more relaxing than a glass of wine on my back porch. I won’t claim I have the best sunset view in town, but I have yet to see better. 

Music invigorates me like nothing else, and I love to blast (and sing) 80’s hits before anything that requires me to be energized.

Best Prompt 2: I Feel Most Supported When


It’s been said before but it’s worth repeating: the person you are searching for is searching for you too. Being transparent with how you would like to be cared for will make it easier to find each other. 


My partner is patient, kind, and empathetic with me. I’d love to be in a relationship where affection and support is offered freely, from both of us. 

I have space to pursue my own passions and interests while my partner does the same. Ideally would find the balance between independence and support. 

Category: My Type


Here is your chance to say exactly what you are looking for in a partner. It’s important to only speak in positives, never in negatives. Always opt for “I want/ I’d love” instead of “I don’t want/ I hate.” 

Sure, you may prefer the woman/ man of your dreams to have a successful career. But if you include “I don’t want to date anyone without a good job” on your profile, they may be offended on behalf of someone close to them, even if they themselves fit the qualification. 

Be direct, specific, and absolutely stay away from anything appearance-based when answering your hinge prompts. That’s what photos are for. 

Prompt 1: The Hallmark Of A Good Relationship Is


If you close your eyes and picture yourself in the perfect relationship, what does that look like? 

While in theory everyone is searching for love, support, and trust, those things can look different for everyone. The goal is to find someone who wants what you want, so be clear.


Enjoying each other’s company in complete silence, being comfortable enough to not need to say anything at all.

Never running out of things to talk about. Ending every day by going over it together.

Prompt 2: I Want Someone Who / We’ll Get Along If


Think about the things that are most important to you in a partner. Make an effort to not get bogged down in the details or specifics, but instead focus on core values. 

Deep down, what is the most important quality that you want your partner to have?


You are kind to everyone around you. No matter the person, the situation, or your mood, you prioritize human decency and respect.

You are ambitious and internally driven. You have a vision for your life, a goal on the horizon, and a map to get there. 

Final Thoughts on Best Hinge Prompts


Now that you have an overview of the best Hinge prompts and how to use them, it’s time to build a profile that stands out. Use powerful words and specific descriptions that paint a clear picture of who you are.

Still unsure of how to make a profile that gets matches and starts conversations? We can help. 

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