Hidden Gem Matchmaking

About Hidden Gem’s Matchmaking Database


At Hidden Gem, we are online dating profile writers. It’s what we do, and where we best excel. We are NOT traditional matchmakers.

However, while writing profiles, we get to know our clients quite well: Understanding their values, preferences and personality. We learn who they are and who they are looking for. And sometimes, we notice clients who are perfectly aligned with one another. We think to ourselves “wouldn’t it be great if we could connect these two people?”  With your permission, we will.

This bonus service is very simple, with no strings attached and no extra fees.


How It Works


When you receive your profile, a quick opt-in form will also be included. A place for you to share logistical preferences, such as age and location. This will help us organize inside our internal database.

If we see a match that is too perfect to let slip away, we send an email both to you and the other person, asking if you are currently single and would like to be connected.

If both parties are interested, we pass along each other’s contact information.

We back off, the rest is up to you.

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