Want To Stand Out From The Crowd When Online Dating?

Like many, you probably worry about sounding cliché when writing your online dating profile.  After all, a cliché is usually taken as an insult right? So it’s definitely a fear for many.

Cliché is understood as a phrase or a statement that is overused or lacks originality; a phrase or statement that has lost its allure because it has been seen and heard so many times.

If your words lack allure you will lack allure; If your words don’t trigger curiosity, no one will be curious about you.

It’s tough not falling into the trap of sounding like everyone else. The challenge is, we’re all human, so of course a lot of us enjoy the same kinds of activities: Traveling, cooking, hiking, TV/movies, reading, concerts, boating, golf, long walks on the beach, etc.

You want to stand out from the crowd, but how? The good news is you don’t have to take up trampoline dodgeball or be a street juggler on the weekends to stand out from the crowd. It’s okay to have the same everyday interests and hobbies. 

There is a way to say what everyone else says, but also have it be unique. The trick is to spice up your everyday activity with a little bit about what makes it special for you. 

For instance, if you love traveling, don’t just say, “I love to travel.” Mention the kinds of places you like to go, the types of experiences you want to have while traveling. If you love long walks on the beach, mention why and/or how it makes you feel. Don’t just say you like to play golf, talk about how you don’t care if you’re 10 under par or 10 over par, you just love being out on the green grass.

The types of things you like to do may be typical, common or even mundane. But, what’s not “just like everyone else” is your take on whatever it is. Talk about what riding your motorcycle feels like, what about your favorite TV shows gets you so engaged, what you love most about your career, etc.

Here are some ideas to help you not sound cliché:


When it’s time for a vacation I love venturing off to exotic beaches. To me, there’s nothing better than feeling the hot sun, sinking my feet in the sand and sipping cocktails. Banana boat rides, wind surfing, and SCUBA diving are among the activities I’ll always sign up for.


I love to travel, especially internationally. I enjoy the challenge of immersing myself into new and different cultures and seeing what life is like from another part of the world. I love strolling through museums, exploring ancient ruins and tasting new cuisines.


I’m not much of a travel buff – weekend getaways are more my thing. Sometimes, on a Saturday morning, I’ll hop in my car and see where the road takes me.

Long Walks On The Beach:

I love sunrise walks on the beach, it’s one of my most favorite things to do. It’s why I chose to live so close to the ocean.


Living in a landlocked locale, I love opportunities to head to the shore for some ocean breezes. I definitely relish in any long walk on the beach.


I’m not the best chef, but I can hold my own in the kitchen. I recently created the best chili ever; I just wish I wrote down how I did it!  I love evenings in, chopping veggies with someone special and sharing great conversation.


I’m a pretty decent cook, but always willing to expand my repertoire. To me, hanging out in the kitchen with a couple drinks and great company while whipping up something delicious is one of life’s best simple pleasures.

In conclusion, if you’re a little bit creative you can turn anything considered boring into fun and exciting. If you’re still struggling, pay attention to the feelings that come up when you are writing and simply say whatever that is. 

Your online dating profile will stand out if you add a little depth. Depth will also show that you care about dating. You are showing readers that you are serious about dating and you are looking for a genuine connection.

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