Benefits of Online Dating


Most people’s goal when online dating is finding that special someone. No one is denying it. But finding that person is never instant and can take longer than you expect. No matter how long it takes, the time you spend online dating is not a waste. Among the ups and downs of first dates, awkward encounters, flirty texts, and magical moments, there are lots of benefits that come from online dating— beyond finding your soulmate. 


Boosting Your Self-Esteem


Constructing your dating profile can be a very therapeutic, and even empowering process. You get a chance to tailor a perception of yourself to be seen by potential partners. While that may mean the pressure is on, it also means you have a reason to identify and thoughfully acknowledge all your favorite parts of yourself.

You can list out every thing you love about yourself. You can brag about your career or hobbies or whatever else you are proud of in your life. It can feel centering to see your personality represented in writing. And if you aren’t a writer, you still have options.

Not to mention the entire process of choosing your best photos. You can get a sense of confidence from sorting through your best images and chosing the ones that make you feel most secure in your appearance. And if you’re feeling a lack of options, what better chance to go and take some new flattering pics (professionally or with a friend), which can be a confidence boost in and of itself.


Understanding Your Dating Preferences


If you don’t have much experience with dating, you may be missing a frame of reference for your “type.” If it’s your first time online dating, you may be suprised who you end up swiping on and skipping over. Online dating and seeing what options are out there gives you a chance to understand what you like and don’t like. The more casual first stages of dating allow you to test the waters without a solid commitment.

Better understanding your preferences in a partner, both physically and otherwise, is a benefit of online dating. It’s easier to find what you’re looking for if you know exactly what that is. And while of course preferences and likes change over time, having a solid starting point can help steer you in the right direction.


Re-Evaluating Your Priorities


Online dating forces you to consider what truly matters to you in a relationship. It prompts introspection, helping you identify your deal-breakers and the qualities that are non-negotiable. Having the “what are you looking for” talk with matches forces you not only to think about your stance, but also hear what others prioritize. This self-reflection can be an active effort through journaling, or a more passive side effect of going on dates.

Either way, figuring out what kind of relationship you are searching for is a benefit of online dating. It’s definitely better to know sooner as opposed to later, and having a clear sense of what you want can stop you from going too far down the relationship path with someone you are incompatible with.


Leaving Your Comfort Zone


Wether it’s meeting new people, going to new places you otherwise would’ve never been to, or trying activities you never considered before, online dating pushes you. Every person you meet will have something new to say to you, and some may open the door to things that were never on your radar.  Even if a match doesn’t end up being a love connection, maybe you’ll learn something new about the country they’re from, discover a talent for yoga, or pick up a passion for travel.

Even something as simple as going on dates can push you out of your comfort zone if you’re on the more socially awkward side. Embracing new experiences can be enlightening and expand your horizons.


Growing Your Social Circle


While some may roll their eyes at the premise, online dating can be a great way to make friends. You will meet lots of people. Some you will get along with amazingly. Some you will have chemistry with. Sometimes you only get one of the two. If you and a date both acknowledge the vibe is more friendly than firey, this is not a failure. If anything it’s a success of awareness and emotional honesty. And it doesn’t mean you can never see each other again.

Keep your mind open and remember that this game is not all or nothing. We are all just humans, connecting with other humans. Romance is the goal but not the only outcome, and forgetting that is a disservice to yourself.

The online dating world is a treasure trove of fascinating individuals with diverse life stories and experiences. Engaging in conversations with these unique personalities can broaden your perspective and enrich your life.


Motivating You to Improve


The pursuit of finding a compatible partner can serve as motivation for self-improvement. Whether it’s adopting a healthier lifestyle, enhancing your communication skills, or setting and achieving personal goals, online dating can provide the impetus for positive change. As you meet lovely people and start to see a relationship in your future, other parts of your life may seem less overwhelming and easier to manage. To find a good partner you have to be a good partner.

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