Want to know how to create an online profile that portrays an experience?

The goal of your online dating profile is to get conversations started. Remember, online is not actually where you date. It’s how you meet. It’s the same thing as meeting someone at a bar, at the grocery store, or romantically sitting next to each other on your flight back home. 

There is a difference, however. In real life, you can employ the sparkle in your eye when looking at someone you have the hots for. With your online dating profile you have to write words down to create allure intrigue.  

You want to trigger imagination. 

There is a reason a toy store is a good time for people of all ages. When you walk in you’re dazzled by light sounds and fun stuff to do. It’s an experience. Even if the experience is of simple feeling of nostalgia, it triggers something inside you. 

Naturally, your dating profile isn’t going to dazzle everyone the way a toy store does, but it can dazzle the right one(s). The ones who are most in line with your energy.

Below are samples of ways you can expand on simple things and create imagination in potential dates.

You will see the line used in an online dating profile, an associated experience, and a possible way a person might respond. 

Man taking care of bug control

Experience One:

Line: I’ll give you a heads up: I don’t do bugs of any kind.

Experience: Readers will see themselves taking care of nightly bug control. After all, spider bites are real.

Response: Tell me about this anti-bug thing. I was bit by a scorpion once, not cool.

Woman who loves animals

Experience Two:

Line: I’m the kind of person who stops to save turtles in the middle of the road. 

Experience: Reader will know they are hanging out with someone who loves animals.

Response: It sounds like you have a kind compassionate soul. I love that. 

Couple On a date hiking

Experience Three:

Line: Hiking with me will always include bird watching, lots of hills and one king-sized snickers bar.

Experience: Reader will see themselves on a learning journey while working on their glutes. 

Response: Where are all these hills you’re talking about? Have you ever seen a bald eagle?

couple cooking together

Experience Four:

Line: I make a terrible mess in the kitchen but I make one heck of an 0oey gooey calzone.

Experience: Music playing, dim lights, great conversation, all while whipping up something delicious.

Response: Calzones are one of my most favorite foods. I wonder if yours beats my go-to hole in the wall. 


I’m a fan of the KISS concept: Keep It Simple Silly. 

There are ways you can convey an experience without being too wordy and sharing more than you need. Also, one or two sentences similar to these, throughout your whole dating profile, is plenty. Just enough to create a spark. 

You want conversations to start. Once that happens you can exchange all the best stories.

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