Have you ever thought about working with the dating coach?


I had the pleasure of speaking with Julianne Cantarella,  a warm-natured soul with a strong passion for what she does. Julianne is calm, easy to talk to and above all, she is sincere in her desire to help others succeed in dating and relationships.


About Julianne

If you are looking for someone with lots of knowledge about the dating world, Julianne is it. She has 19 years of experience working as a dating coach and has an extensive background in social work and is a certified life coach.


Your Bestie Without Bias

As I was talking to Julianne, I definitely got the bestie vibe, which is such a great quality in a dating coach. She’s someone you can reach out to about your dating ups and downs, and she will listen without an opinion and thoughts on what you “should” do. 

Julianne focuses on you: Your mindset, your priorities, your hopes and dreams, and she helps you decide what’s best for you. Julianne wants to learn and understand your values and your goals. 

She will help keep you from limiting yourself and giving into your own biases, fears, insecurities and hesitations. She will help you employ the boundaries you want for yourself and help you pick your best responses in given situations. She will be there as you explore your comfort zone. She wants you to feel empowered and to be in control of your love life.


How It Works

Online Dating Presence

Julianne will help you create your whole online presence. She will make sure you have a well-written profile and photos worthy of your personality. 

If you are in her local area, she will accompany you on your shoots. Again, as your bestie. 

Out of town? Julianne is still very hands on with the photographer. She’ll work together with who you choose and make sure you achieve your desired outcome.


Aside from getting to know you and establishing your foundation, Julianne will be there for you every step of the way through your dating journey. She will help you choose the best online dating platform for you, and during your sessions she stays by your side as you search your myriad of potential matches. She will be right with you as you decide who to connect with. She might see something you’re missing and she will encourage you to date the “maybes.”

In between sessions she is available via text or email for any questions you have as you go about your day-to-day dating journey.



I know many of you struggle with the ups and downs of dating. To make matters worse, you might feel isolated. Your friends and family may not be a group you want to turn to. Hiring a dating coach can help ease your mind. It can help you feel like you have support and that you’re not alone. Julianne will help you enter the dating world with confidence, giving you assurance and security.

Interested in working with Julianne? Sign up HERE

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