Your Online Dating Profile Headlines


The evolution of online dating has led down a road of less and more.

Back in the day, was the primary online dating option. Writing your profile was (and still is) open-ended with room for a few thousand words.

Later came Tinder: 500 characters; Bumble: 300 characters; Hinge: 150 characters per prompt (pick three).

The trend is begging you to only offer your headlines. 

Personally, I like the length of Tinder the best. And when I write Match profiles, I generally stick to the same guideline, but I format the profiles differently.

Why is using headlines a good idea? Because, your online dating profile doesn’t have to sound like you. You are writing for a reader not a listener

Your online dating profile is meant to generate conversations, not BE the conversation. You create intrigue by using headlines.

Let’s Correlate The Idea 

For most of us, when we think of headlines, we think about advertising. I understand that concept feels a little strange when visualizing your online dating profile. 

However, take away the attached meaning and break it down to its surface. Headlines grab attention, and you want to grab the attention of potential dates. What grabs attention? Mystery, visual portrayal and good vibes (all being relative, of course).

Let’s take the slogan for AirBNB. Belong anywhere. 

How I feel about this headline:

Mystery: Hmmmm, where would I like to belong?

Visual Portrayal: Me immersed in a small town in the mountains somewhere.

Good Vibes: The feel of freedom of being anywhere I want to be.

I got a lot out of two words, didn’t I?


How To Make Your Headline Look In Your Online Dating Profile


When writing about ourselves we tend to get real descriptive. And, since many feel the compulsion to have what they write sound like themselves, a lot of stuff comes out.

Let’s take this as an example:


When asked if you prefer a Beach or Mountain Vacation this could be your answer:

Beach: it’s more relaxing in general, and I’m a huge fan of snorkeling (which you need the ocean for). I’m not the type to spend an entire week doing nothing but lazing on a beach, so I love it when I can see or do interesting things on land, but have the beach right there whenever I need it! With the mountains, I prefer staying in a cabin or hotel room, but am not opposed to camping. I’m not a fan of hikes that take longer than a day and involve having to pitch a tent on the trail for the night.

Instead you could say:


  • I love a beachy getaway, complete with soaking in the sun and snorkeling for hours. 


  • When it comes to camping, I’m more of a glamper than a hardcore backpacker. Leisurely mountain hikes are more my thing.


What do you think?

These sentences answer the question and offer a sense of experience. You don’t have to say much to show someone how to visualize spending time with you. 

Of course, individual perception is subjective. This is why your online dating profile doesn’t have to sound like you. No one could possibly know your sound until they actually meet you.

Again, your online dating profile is meant to be a gateway to a conversation, not the conversation itself. 

We all create perception based on our own individuality. Until I have an actual person-to-person conversation with another human, I could never know a person’s voice, accent, inflection, volume…. all the things.

Therefore, keep it simple.


guy looking sly

Putting It All Together

Overall, I say take your online dating profile seriously, because it is part of your personal brand. However, on that same note, there’s also no need to overthink it. Be thoughtful and show you care. 

Thought, care and a little finesse will take you a long way when online dating and getting all the exciting conversations started. 

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