The Outcome Of Online Dating Starts With You.

How you approach online dating will determine its success. It’s all about your attitude,  your efforts,  and your perspective.

If you begin with skepticism, if you have a negative attitude, and you don’t give it some time and effort you’re probably setting yourself up for failure and discouragement.

Finding Love online

Online Meeting

Instead of calling it online dating, let’s call it online meeting. After all, we don’t actually date in the virtual world of the internet.  We date in the physical world. 

The point of online dating is to meet people and to start conversations.

online dating

The New Bar In Town

Let’s pretend the dating app you’re using, (whether it’s Match, Hinge or Bumble, etc) is the coolest new bar that just opened up in town and you’re super excited to go.

A bar, a knitting class, a friend’s party, a single’s cruise, a hiking excursion, a dating app, are all platforms. 

Single people are single people regardless of a platform.  The mix is made up of the same people,  whether the world is physical or virtual.

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Your Online Dating Profile Is Your Presentation

It’s Friday night and you’re ready to go out and meet people.

Do you put on a pair of sweats or do you find your favorite outfit?  The outfit you know you look super sexy in, and/or the one that’s most comfortable to you. You want to look good and feel good, right?

A similar notion applies to your online dating profile. You should want to look and feel your best. Your online dating profile is the outfit you put on. It’s your presentation. 

Your online dating profile is the one thing that you can 100% control.

You can’t control what other people write in their dating profiles, you can’t control who decides to reach out to you,  you can’t control who responds to you when you reach out to them,  you can’t control what other people’s intentions are,  and you can’t control who’s using the online dating platforms to begin with.

Again, success starts with you.

online dating

What sets online dating platforms apart from the physical ones?

Online dating platforms open your world to millions of people, not just the handful you run into on a Friday night. 

When you’re at a bar you have no idea who is there to meet new people or who is there just to have a good time with their friends. The beauty of online dating platforms is that you already know what someone’s intentions are. You know that others are single and want to mingle. 

When using an online dating platform, you also get to know a little bit about a person. At least enough to know whether or not you’d like to start a conversation with them.

For more benefits read HERE. 

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Don’t Blame The Bar

If you go to the new bar in town and you don’t meet someone would you blame the bar? Or, let’s say you did meet someone, you went out and then they ghosted you. Would you blame the bar?

After meeting someone online, in a bar, at a knitting class, human nature* takes over.

Again, single people are single people regardless of how first contact occurred. If something happens after meeting, after going out, after getting to know each other, it’s not where you met that’s to blame. Essentially, nothing is to blame.  Things happen. People have backgrounds and stories and circumstances you can’t control.

Most people think they have to meet the love of their life to consider online dating a success. And, yes, that is the ultimate big goal. But, let’s not forget the baby steps – small goals that lead to that one big goal.

All online dating sites and apps are platforms to give people an outlet to connect. It’s up to you to be human about the effort you put into it. Dating sites don’t come pre-loaded and they don’t do the work for you.

If you get a conversation started with someone (or they start it with you) then your profile was a success. If you go out on a date with someone then online dating was a success.

Don’t forget. Online meeting starts with your online dating profile. 

I’m here to help. I will write you a great online dating profile and get you started on the right foot. 

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