Writing Your Online Dating Profile?


Are you new to online dating and struggling with all the dos and don’ts of what to write? Or, maybe you’ve been online dating for a while and not getting the traction you hoped for?

When online dating, your profile is the one thing you can 100% control. It’s important to pay attention to what you are doing. It’s important to be thoughtful and deliberate. 

As an online dating profile writer and after writing thousands of online dating profiles these are my best pro tips.


Readability and Formatting

Believe it or not, formatting is important when writing your online dating profile. 

In summary, you will grab attention with an easy-to-read, well-outlined dating profile. People are impatient and they don’t want to decipher your writing. Use paragraph breaks, limit punctuation, don’t use emojis, and proofread for spelling errors and other typos. 

For more in depth information on this topic read this post: How To Format Your Online Dating Profile.

Write your headlines in your online dating profile

Use Your Best Headlines

Your online dating profile doesn’t have to “sound” like you. Anyone reading your profile for the first time, while knowing absolutely nothing about you, cannot possibly truly determine how you sound. So, keep it simple, there’s no need to ramble. 

Summarize what you want to share. 


Instead of:

I’m proud of taking a risk by deciding to go to massage school (my parents were skeptical and had doubts) and becoming a successful massage therapist with a loyal clientele. I’m also proud of myself for sticking with yoga for a decade, even though my first class was a hot mess. I kept going back and trying my best. I’m not a master at all the poses but I’m certainly not a beginner anymore. 

Say this: 

I love my career and I work hard to reach my goals. I’m proud of my achievements and always being the best I can be.

Once you start conversations with people you will have plenty of time to elaborate and sound like yourself.

Older lady being bold

Be Bold and Use Adjectives

Be descriptive! Use the words you want to describe yourself. Tell people about your personality and what makes you tick. Share your feelings about things and what you value most in life. Put it out there. In the end it may not even be about what you said, but that you had the confidence to say it. Who isn’t looking for a confident partner?


I am a jovial energetic man.


I have a grounded personality and making mindful decisions is important to me.  

Need help? Use the thesaurus to find your favorite words.

Energetic Jovial Man

Be Positive 

Strong positive language is powerful. So is negative. Which direction would you rather go? Which would you rather see when reading other online dating profiles?

Pick positive prompts and focus on what you do want instead of what you don’t want.


It’s easy to say something like: 

No smoking, drinking or drugs.

Instead write: 

I’d like to meet someone who lives a healthy active lifestyle. 

Which prompts are the best? Read these posts:

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Blending Together

Morphing These Concepts and Putting It All Together

Overall, what you are trying to do is capture the notion of yourself. 

What is a notion? A general understanding or conveying an impression. 

There are three meanings to any word.

  • Your meaning.
  • Their meaning.
  • General meaning. A collective comprehensive agreement, or what’s in the dictionary.


  • What jovial means to you: Dancing on the bar right before closing time.
  • What jovial means to another: Dancing at a Taylor Swift concert.
  • Jovial in the dictionary: Full of happiness. Cheerful

When you put it all together you are showing your reader that you care about online dating.  If you don’t care about making a good impression, you might appear like you don’t care about dating. Anyone serious about dating and meeting the right person is going to care that the other person cares as well.

Don’t make what I think is the biggest mistake when writing your online dating profile.

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