Want To Keep Talking To Dead Air On Dating Apps?



The goal of your online dating profile is to start conversations.


Your online dating profile is where it all begins.


It’s your entrance into the world of dating. It’s your introduction to potential dates and future partners.


Conversations start by capturing attention and sparking something inside a person with whom you’d like to converse.


Persuasion tactics inspire curiosity.


As a follow-up to my post, How To Create Intrigue In Your Online Dating Profile, this post covers the undertone you’re going for. It’s not necessarily what you said, but how you said it. It’s what you are saying between the lines.


This post is about the energy you generate and the feelings you induce.


Be Bold, Brave and Vulnerable


So often, I hear people say that they are looking for someone with confidence. Yet, they shy away from demonstrating their own confidence.


Say what you mean and mean what you say. Show people it’s safe to “put it out there,” because you did it.


Being brave is persuasive because it shows you’re willing to take risk.


Risk gives us edge, and it demonstrates a willingness to step out of your comfort zone.


 Vulnerability is relatable. It breaks the ice and opens people’s eyes to the even playing field.


Consider These:


I sometimes fall into the trap of perfectionism, but I’ve learned to discern what’s actually most important to me.



I take life and stride, and I don’t sweat the small stuff.


Real Men Cuddle Cats


I’ve been practicing Spanish it’s okay to laugh when you hear me try to roll my R’s. I sound more like a pirate.


Ethos Pathos Logos


The rhetorical triangle.


Rhetoric being the art of persuasion itself.


This is a chance where you can illustrate your confidence by sharing your knowledge of something.


Here we employ the concepts of

  • Rational Thinking
  • Authority
  • Emotional Heart Strings


This undertone is the template for your headlines. 


We buy products from people when we sense the seller knows what they are talking about, and gives us the feeling of a positive experience. 


Let people know you know stuff about something. 


Show you take pride in something that is important to you. 


Consider These:

I’m sporty and I enjoy friendly competition. Most of my buddies can’t bring me down on the foosball table. Pickleball is something I’ve been wanting to try.


I value personal growth and meditation as part of my daily routine. I’ve long stopped sweating this moss stuff.


My favorite simple pleasure is the first spring trip to the Garden Market I love getting my hands dirty and creating my outdoor sanctuary.


On the weekends I’m often making sure all the household gadgets are in Tip Top shape.  I keep myself busy.



Don’t get scared when I say formatting. It’s a simple few tips on how you can make your profile flow smoothly and read ease. 

In the writing world of formatting, in a way, means easy to talk to.

Someone who doesn’t have to struggle to figure out what you’re saying. We’ll go a long way

Again it’s the vibe.

It’s subconscious relaxation to read something that flows nicely.

Think about reading something that is choppy and incongruent.

I like going to bars, fishing on Saturdays, TV, movies, hanging with my friends, tennis, golf, long walks on the beach……

 And the list goes on and on.

 This is another great place you can incorporate the magical power of threes.

Consider These:

I’m calm-natured and light hearted; Think smooth jazz on a Friday night.


 I love cozy campfires, honey in my tea and long Sunset walks on the beach.


 I’m looking for someone who is energetic upbeat and has a positive outlook on life.


 These types of sentences have a flow.  They relax the mind and, in turn, relax the body.  Ultimately persuading the reader to keep the feeling going.




Online dating profiles are content like any other kind of online presence. Apply these concepts to LinkedIn (resumes, cover letters), social media and website bios.


My Books:

How To Write A Great Online Dating Profile.

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The Mindful Dating Path

I designed this dating journal to help you process thoughts and feelings as they relate to who you are deciding to spend time with. This journal is a mix of guided prompts and plenty of free flow. You may want to view it as a mix of a plain journal and an interactive workbook. The prompts are recurrent based on Date 1, Date 2, Date 3 and more.

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