Raising the Dating Bar Blog

Raising the Dating Bar Blog

Learn about online dating how-tos, dos and don’ts, handling the ups and downs and having fun — all as I see it from my own experiences.

The Psychology Behind Online Dating and How It Affects People’s Behavior

Online dating is a unique way to make connections. In this generation, swiping right is the new means of saying “hey, I like you”. With the rise of dating apps and websites, more people are turning to technology as a means of finding their perfect match. As we...

Who The Clients Are At Hidden Gem And Who They Are Looking For

As an online dating profile writer I am in a unique position of getting to know hundreds of people currently looking for love on various online dating platforms.  I excitedly share that I get to meet people without actually meeting them. And, over the years I’ve met...

Reverse Catfishing – Another New Trend In Online Dating

I learned for the first time about reverse catfishing when a journalist reached out to me for an interview for an article she wrote for Well + Good. There's always something new to navigate in the dating world! And navigating all these behaviors and learning a new...

Online Dating Statistics, And My Thoughts

I'm sure many of you have heard a buzz as it related to online dating. You've heard stories from friends/family, read things online, and come to your own conclusions. I did a search on the real online dating statistics and I was really pleased with what I learned....

Making A Good First Date Impression

Even for the most confident person first dates can be intimidating. Essentially, we’re prepping to go meet a stranger without knowing what could possibly happen. We forget that everyone we meet starts as a stranger! But, this particular stranger could end up being...


April 2023
How To Cope With Ghosting When Online Dating

Ghosting Happens. Roll With It.

As a seasoned online dater I have grown accustomed to the phenomenon termed “ghosting.” This is when you are texting/talking/seeing someone to all of a sudden never hear from them again. This loosely applies mostly to someone you thought was really interested. In...

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Why And How To Background Check Your Dates

Why And How To Background Check Your Dates

In this day and age, it's common to do a little digging into a person you are dating or planning on dating. In fact, it's to be expected. A little transparency is important in dating. It's important to feel safe and to know a little bit about what you're getting into....

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Thoughts On Planning The First Date

Thoughts On Planning The First Date

I have a certain way I like to approach planning first dates. I actually refer to them as “pre-dates.” To me, real dates start after I’ve decided 100%, ok, this is someone I’d like to spend time with and to get to know. Pre-dates are simple. It’s coffee, drinks or...

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