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One of the things I dream of doing someday is hiring a fashion stylist. 


Have you ever heard of a capsule wardrobe? I want to hire someone who understands fashion and fit; someone who can figure out what colors are best for me, neck lines, pant size, cup size, you name it. Somebody dress me. Please. 


I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve left my house with my shirt on inside out, missed matched socks and colors that clash. 


The other day my husband said to me: “Do you know what ironed clothes look like?”


I do not have fashion skills. Having a knack for style does not come naturally to me. I also do not have a lot of interest in keeping up with the latest fashions. I like to follow pretty people on Instagram and see what they are wearing, but to actually take a deeper look to understand what they are wearing? No thanks. It’s not a skill I want to put my time and energy into. I’d rather find help.


Understanding Your Non-Skills Is Also A Feature Of Confidence 


Writing is one of those things we were forced to do growing up in school which sort of lends to this notion that we should all be good at it. We should all know how to do it. 


However, if you think about it, we also had to take art classes and I’m sure most of you are okay with the fact that you don’t sculpt grand masterpieces. 


The same goes for music class. If someone asked me about music other than what’s your favorite soft rock song I’d tell them to read Rolling Stone magazine. I may have sang in the chorus for a few years, but I essentially know nothing about the heart of music. 


We all have things we are good at and things we are not good at. I’m good at writing. I’m good at knitting, I’m good at swimming, and I can make a really tasty chili. I’m not good at picking out clothes. 


We are who we are. Maybe you are the girl who isn’t great at cooking but could blow others away at karaoke, or you’re the guy who can kick a 55-yard field goal but will start a fire if he boils water. 


I’m okay with knowing I’m not good at certain things. I’m perfectly comfortable knowing I am not good at styling my outfit. 


Having confidence in knowing what you’re not so good at is as powerful as knowing the things you are good at. Because instead of straining yourself and stressing and (maybe) ultimately losing self-esteem, you can focus on what you are good at and find help with what you are not good at. 


Should I be ashamed because I don’t know how to match my shirt with my pants? I understand that some people would gawk at me. I don’t blame them, but I don’t feel down on myself because of it. I know I need help.


What do you do when you need a skill? You learn how to better do the skill yourself or you outsource and delegate.  Both are okay and either is your choice.


I’m also not that great at graphic design. Could I teach myself and learn? Yes, and I’ve tried. However, I found it daunting and time consuming. It took up time I’d rather source elsewhere.

asking for help with online dating profile


Getting Help With Your Online Dating Profile 


When looking for a job, people often reach out to an expert for help with resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles. Why not your online dating profile?


Even if you consider yourself a good writer, writing about yourself may not come easy. 


There’s a “toot my own horn” undertone when writing about yourself, and that causes a lot of people to feel uncomfortable. We have this thing in society frowning upon such a thing. I get it, humility is a virtue, but humility can also hold you back. Especially when it comes to attracting the attention of the right potential life partners. 


I work with a lot of clients and I write a lot of online dating profiles. One of the things I universally see are folks looking for other folks who are “confident.” Most people want to meet someone who is genuine, authentic and true to themselves. Someone with confidence. 


However, people are uncomfortable showing their confident side in their dating profile. That’s where I come in. I have an objective perspective and I will use the big bold words and phrases that express self confidence. The words a lot of people might feel uneasy using. 


Long story short, if you are struggling with writing your online dating profile, it’s ok to ask for help. It’s ok to ask for help with anything you don’t feel good at, or things you don’t want to spend your time doing. 


As your dating profile writer I will help you be bold in your profile. Sharing the strong aspects about yourself, giving you a boost into the uncomfortable feeling of vulnerability. I will help you showcase the confidence you have in yourself and who you are looking for. 


One of these days I’ll hire a fashion stylist and start dressing with clothes that make sense. And, I’m not going to care who knows. I’ll just soak in the compliments about how good I look. 

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