Examples of Online Dating Profile Mistakes

One day, my awesome, funny, witty, and, above all, sarcastic friend scrolled through some dating profiles on match.com. We discovered lots of mistakes. Below are her thoughts and mine.

As I keep mentioning, when writing your online dating profile, think about how others might right between the lines. Below are excerpts from real men’s profiles.

I want you to recognize some of these guys with poorly written profiles might actually be really good guys, but with a plethora of single dudes at the click of a button they aren’t going to be given the benefit of the doubt.

“I am VERY blue collar and good w/ that!!!! If that’s not good enough for you too bad cause it’s fine for me!!!!”

My friend: Oh it sounds like he needs the Waaaahbulance, or maybe the Fire Department ’cause he sounds like he got burrrned.

Me: Sounding/being bitter and angry is not attractive. Also, this guy may think he is confident, but really gives the impression he’s defensive and insecure.

Excerpt (same guy):
“Also if u wanna play games, I suggest monopoly!!!! I don’t have time to be mislead!!!!”

My friend: Wow, this guy does sound like a bitter tool.

Me: I appreciate what guys/girls are getting at when they say they don’t want to play games, but girls and guys don’t sadistically approach dating. Well, some maybe, but let’s stick to the norm. I bet this guy was simply ghosted a few times; move on, no one was trying to purposely mess with you. And, he was probably ghosted because he’s a bitter tool. A little self-reflection goes a long way.

“I’m a very neat and organized person, but not to the point of obsession. I don’t care if your jeans are in a ball on the floor, but I do care if your shoes are all over the place.

My friend: How about you just pick up my shoes for me if it’s that important to you?

Me: Sounds like an argument this guy had with his ex. Instead say, I am generally a neat and organized person, and leave it at that. We all have quirks that are important to us, but I read what that guy wrote and all I hear is a prelude to what I’m going to get yelled at about. No thanks.

“I’m pretty busy at the moment.”

My friend: In other words, how about I pencil you in for a booty call and then you gotta go.

Me: This guy is saying he’s not very interested in building a real long-standing relationship. He doesn’t want to dedicate a lot of time to dating. If casual flings is what you are looking for, then just say that. Be upfront about it. There is ambiguity in what is said here and it’s misleading since they are on a dating/relationship site. And, if they are actually looking for the real deal, those girls are going to pass them right by.

Many people complain about online dating; there is still a lot of negativity circling it, and I think that is too bad. I would venture to guess that if better effort was put into profiles then daters would find much more success. In my opinion, lack of thought and care is the number one mistake people make in their profiles.

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