How many dating profiles have we read that have included the disclaimer: no drama.

No one wants drama. Awesome! Yet, it’s going on all around us, so what gives?

I’m wondering if people are kidding themselves (and trying to kid me) or if maybe they don’t actually know what drama is.

Before I begin allow me to preface that I have a very low threshold for the dramatics. I’m also not very good at sympathy. I believe in muscling through and not feeling sorry for myself or others.

What is drama?

According to the Urban Dictionary the top definition is: “Something women and especially teenage girls thrive on.” This made laugh right out loud. It irks me that women have a bad rap for being dramatic, men are just as bad (for more of my thoughts on that: Men and Women Are Not So Different ), but nonetheless, I found this definition amusing.

To me, drama is gross exaggeration, making mountains out of molehills, complaining, crying woe is me, etc. A dramatic person looks for attention and seeks/needs sympathy. Dramatic people are those who don’t/won’t work through their problems. To those people I say, get over yourself.

What is big deal or not a big deal is relative and that’s reasonable, but it’s not really about the size of a problem, it’s how we handle it.

We all have challenges to face, big, small and in-between. The question is how are we going to work it out and move on? Are we going to figure it out or are we going to dwell on it?  I am very understanding when it comes to the fact that people have things that come up that have to be dealt with. It’s the way in which they are dealt with that I take note of.

It drives me nuts when people can’t or, rather, *don’t* problem solve.

Life is what we make of it. It’s all about choice.

Maybe I am just a jerk. Maybe this is why I am still single, because I don’t put up with crap. But, I feel life is too short to waste that kind of time and energy. There has to be a man out there like me, who doesn’t complain, who faces challenges and perseveres. I want to meet *that* guy.

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