Best Bumble Prompts: Which To Choose and How to Answer Them


How do you choose your Bumble prompts? Which answers show the best parts of yourself? Here is your extensive guide to how to make the most of your Bumble profile, complete with examples.



One of the most-loved dating apps, Bumble is flirty, fun, and all about the banter. Their unique profile format integrates pictures, tags, and up to three prompts. 

The Bumble prompts you chose matter. Along with your photos, they create the first impression that is presented to potential matches. Bumble prompts are a tool, and like any tool, you can learn to use them in the best way possible. 


The Best Bumble Prompts


Before you pick your Bumble prompts, think about what you want to achieve with them. Looking at how online dating has gone for you so far, think about where you could use a boost. 

If you’re getting matches but not the ones you want, you can use the Bumble prompts to paint a clearer picture of yourself. If you’ve been getting matches but hurting for good conversation, you can use specific Bumble prompts to jumpstart the chat. If you’re having trouble making the jump to meeting in person, some Bumble prompts serve as a call to action. And if you’re not getting matches at all, you can strategically use Bumble prompts to stand out from the crowd.

Our Top Picks For Bumble Prompts


These options are the best options no matter your situation. They are broad enough that you can answer in a few different ways, but specific enough to direct you. The priority here is authenticity— write something you truly mean, not what you think someone wants to hear.

Bumble Prompt 1: What makes a relationship great is…


This is a chance to show not only a core value of your own, but also the kind of relationship you are looking for. Think about what you offer in a relationship and what you like to receive. Remember to only mention what you do want, not what you don’t want. Keep it positive!

Example: Finding the balance between independence and connection— both of use having the space and support to pursue our passions.


Bumble Prompt 2:The world would be a better place with more…


Look inward for this one. What do you try to put more of into the world, even if just in your immediate surroundings. Do you try to raise the mood of those around you with lighthearted jokes? Push them to be better with motivation? Encourage people to think with poignant questions? 

Whatever it is, that is what you want more of in the world.

Example: Honest, open conversation. Confrontation doesn’t have to be negative, and most issues are solved easier out in the open. 



Bumble Prompt 3: It’s meant to be if…


What is a quality of yourself that you’d like to find in a partner? What would you have in common with your life companion? Picture your life— as it is now and how you would like it to be in the future. What is a consistent in those pictures? Feel free to throw in something more lighthearted as an afterthought as well.

Example: You also always feel a need to be active. I can’t imagine a day spent inside, and even if it’s just a quick walk, I have to be in the sun every morning.

Bumble Prompts To Stand Out


Some online daters may fall into the trap of being blandly positive. If your profile is full of the standard “good” words (nice, honest, loyal, ect…), you may have as well. Sure, all these things may be true, but they should be a given. Most people are (or try to be) these things, so writing them out on your profile doesn’t have much of an impact. Instead, opt to include the more specific, unique things about yourself. 

You can still show that you are these good things, but do it in conjunction with what makes you special. Use the frame of these Bumble prompts to paint a picture that includes all of you.

Bumble Prompt 1: My most useless skill is…

What niche interest consumed your waking days at one point? What hobby did you master on your own? What natural ability have you always had? Whatever it is, now is your chance to shine. And don’t worry about it being to weird— the goal is to stop people mid-scroll.

Example: My horse whinny imitation is suspiciously good. Like, a cowboy would be tricked.

Bumble Prompt 2: As a child, I was really into…

Ask your mom for this one. Everyone has a cute childhood story or two that you can pull out. It’s adorable, endearing, and enables a level of comfort right off the bat.

Example: Tom and Jerry. Unfortunately my obsession went beyond watching the show and and my parents had to dodge various home-alone style traps. 

Bumble Prompt 3: Two truths and a lie…

You know the game, you’ve played the game, you probably already have your answers in mind. Go crazy. Stand out.

Bumble Prompts To Start Conversation


The first few messages can be a choreographed dance, where both parties know the steps all too well. Skip it. Jump to the real stuff, and get a feel for each others personalities right away. You can always get the other details later. The Bumble prompts are a way to skip the small talk and start conversations. 

Bumble Prompt 1: My favorite fact is…


What have you read recently? Or seen online? Or been told by a friend? No matter where it comes from, if it’s interesting enough to share, chose this Bumble prompt to do it. Obviously avoid controversial topics or anything particularly uncomfortable.

Example: Competitive art was a category in the Olympics at one point… would love that to make a comeback.

Bumble Prompt 2: My zombie apocalypse plan is…


Normally, humor is a bit risky in dating profiles. But with this Bumble prompt, it’s unavailable. The ridiculous question is bound to show a bit of your personality, especially if you take it seriously. This question is also a lot more controversial than you would expect, so get ready for a friendly debate. 

Example: Get as far away from society as possible, learn to live of the land, and trust no one. No, not even those adorable kids just looking for a place to sleep of the night. I know their tricks. 


Bumble Prompt 3: My current obsession is…


If you have something on your mind right now that you love to talk about, this one is a given. It starts conversation, and also shows a lot about you. As mentioned before, avoid controversial or political. Some nuanced ideas are better explained in person.

Example: Making the perfect cup of coffee— much research and many burned fingers have gone into this

Call to Action Bumble Prompts


Take control of your dating narrative with these Bumble prompts. They show matches you’re serious about meeting up, which means that others who are serious about meeting up will swipe on you. No need to be pushy or demanding, but use these prompts to make it clear that you are moving forward— not spending weeks messaging.

Bumble Prompt 1: Swipe right if…


What is something you want to do? Opt for activities or places you are excited to show your potential matches. With this Bumble prompt, once the conversation starts, you already have a plan to look forward to.

Example: You’ll be my shuffleboard partner at the weekly tournament by my house. No experience necessary. 

Bumble Prompt 2: Perfect first date


Show a bit more of your personality while proposing something fun. This Bumble prompt works great on multiple levels if you chose something unconventional that stands out.

Example: We go for drinks then do an escape room. If we beat it then we celebrate with dinner.


Bumble Prompts To Show Your Best Self


If you feel like your profile isn’t doing your personality justice, chose one of the below bumble prompts to highlight your best features. No need to over exaggerate, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of bragging— if you do it right. 

Bumble Prompt 1: I get way too excited about…


Passion is attractive. What gets your blood pumping? What drives you in the morning? If its your career, your family, personal growth, or even your pet, let them know. You can be specific, how it makes you feel, and what about this thing you love so much. 

Be honest, the person you’re looking for is looking for you too.

Example: Learning new manual skills. I recently built a pine table table from scratch, and felt so good to figure out the process and see the result.

Bumble Prompt 2: Something I learned way later than I should have…


This one has a bit of vulnerability. But more important, it’s  a chance to show how you’ve improved. What’s something you’re proud of yourself for, something you accomplished or created? Be honest and be brave.

Example: That if I don’t like being somewhere, I can just leave. At this point I know life is too short to be anything but happy.

Bumble Prompt 3: A review by a friend


This one’s a freebie. You know that friend that always has your back, that hypes you up and knows you best? Hand them the phone and back away.


In Conclusion


Armed with this guide, you are ready to go forth and create the Bumble profile that will make waves. You can never capture your entire essence in limited characters, but you can capture what matters. If you know how.

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