What Not to Write in Your Online dating Profile


Your online dating profile is a tool. 


Like any tool, it can be used correctly, and result in you sitting across from the guy or gal of your dreams. But it can also be used incorrectly, and some Online Dating Mistakes serve to turn away those that should be swiping “like.”


With the high-volume of matches that everyone goes through, small missteps can take you out of the running. So make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.


Take a look at these profiles that we have selected from Tinder, and see if you can figure out where they went wrong (some mistakes are more obvious than others). 


Profile One

My therapist said my love had gone cold… so I’m looking for something warm and real, if not, something casual is fine, people get bored. Let’s get to know each other and develop and connection. With that said, I’m still open to hook ups lol. I’m a single man damit! But ultimately I would rather something warm– just don’t expect me to be your husband the same day we meet.


My thoughts:

Holy back and forth! I feel like I’m reading his personal journal– and that’s not a good thing. It’s not bad to not be sure what you’re looking for, but there’s no need to waste your entire bio outlining your internal struggle. 


If I were writing for this client, I would dedicate one line at most to explaining that he is looking for something “warm and real,” but is also open to more casual connections. I would focus more on his personality, life, and passions, as what he currently has does not tell matches anything.


When writing your profile you may feel an urge to over explain yourself or your situation. Don’t. As you get to know someone, everything important will come to light in it’s own time.


Profile Two

Taller than your ex. We’re both here for the same thing– let’s talk about it. 


My thoughts:

While you should always lean towards being more direct, this takes it to an extreme. This young man is assuming future matches intentions while refusing to reveal his own. It is a recipe for miscommunication and mismatching. 


In addition, the lack of information about himself (besides physical description) gives the impression that he is only interested in more superficial details such as appearance. 


Profile Three

Software engineer by day, batman by night. Not looking for anything serious, just marriage, a house, and two or three kids. My dogs think I’m a great chef and my grandma thinks I look like a male model. 


My thoughts:

He’s trying to be funny– I get it. He’s probably a hilarious guy in person and is doing his best to represent that quality to matches. Unfortunately, natural humor is almost impossible to transmit through a bio, and often falls flat.


If you’ve been online dating, you’ve probably already seen every joke he uses. So potential matches not only see the repeated jokes, but also come away with no real information about him besides his sense of humor.

Final Thoughts

You can go in a lot of different directions when writing your Online Dating Profile. Make sure to keep our advice in mind, and be sure you aren’t turning away those you could be drawing in. It’s all about finding the right balance.

Check out our blog for more tips on online dating with purpose, and our bio writing service for help with creating a bio that attracts what you’re looking for. 

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