The Don’ts Of Writing Your Online Dating Profile

Writing online dating profiles can be tough. You’re excited about the opportunity to go out on lots of dates and meet lots of great people, but first you must create a profile about yourself, then put it out there for the world to see. But, again, it’s tough. You might struggle with where to start and what parts about yourself you should share. You might feel a little anxious when you think about what others might think. Then after some time agonizing, you write whatever comes to you first and you hope for the best.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Below are some examples of how NOT to write your online dating profile. These are real profiles picked at random from

Profile One

Not so recently divorced, ready to move on.  I have a fantastic job, 3 great kids, a beautiful home, and lots of great friends.  I enjoy skiing, walking my dog, watching football, baseball, and standup comedy.  I’ve never done the online dating before, please be gentle.

Photos: 3 selfie photos (one with sunglasses)

My thoughts: Overall, this profile is boring. It might be ok for Bumble, given limited characters, but not for which gives you the space to be more comprehensive.  

This profile needs more depth. If I were writing his profile, I would ask him: Tell me a little bit about what makes your job fantastic and What’s your favorite part about being a dad? 

Also, no need to qualify your divorce status.

Lastly, have some confidence, dude! We all get it! We all feel some sort of trepidation with online dating. But, be proud to be there. Own it. 

Profile Two

It’s always so hard to describe yourself but here we go.  

I’m 37 years old  6’5 tall brown hair blue eyes.  I work a full time job & have a great career definitely goal driven & hardworking. Live alone in my own home.  I have a grown daughter that comes to visit a few times a year.  

Love the outdoors, swimming, boating, riding motorcycles, traveling, day trips, Hiking in the park.  Fair, shows, Trying new restaurants, I do also enjoy movies hanging out at home.

Photos: 3 pictures of him standing in front of his garage, one leaning up against his truck, and a 5th of him driving his truck.

My thoughts: This guy comes out swinging with his lack of confidence. It is hard to talk about yourself! I get it, that’s what I’m here for! But, if you’re going at this alone, no need to mention you have a hard time describing yourself. It’s a fake it or make it thing. In some ways, it’s also an expression of: I don’t really know myself that well. 

His first paragraph is just a bunch of stats. It’s ok to be a bit more colorful. For instance: I’m the teddy bear type: tall and rugged on the outside, but squishy on the inside. Also: I have a career I love and it’s a great feeling working to live instead of living to work. 

For the second paragraph, there’s no need to describe what you love about each activity, but pick a few faves and share a little more detail. Something like, When I ride my motorcycle I feel like I’m flying on land.  To me, it’s one of the best carefree activities there is.

Profile Three

I was born in 1969 just after humans first walked on the Moon (I like space stuff).  My parents greeted me as their third child in a family that would eventually include three boys and my only sister.  I had an “outdoor childhood” while growing up in Wyoming (both the ugly and beautiful parts of the State).  My Mom was a homemaker and my Dad was a high school teacher and football coach.  During high school I played football and wrestled.  I studied biology and math at UW (Go Pokes!).  After my graduation, jobs including (but not limited to): lab research, computer sales, management, bartending, and accounting before finally choosing teaching (high school science).  

In 2005 I started working as a teacher and a coach (like my Dad).  For the past 16 years of my life has pretty much been my job (teaching has a way of taking over your life), and my outdoor hobbies (hiking, biking, climbing, fishing, floating, camping).  Finding someone special seemed like something that was just going to happen; but it never did.

Pictures: 3 of them were with fish (don’t get me started). The rest were pretty good, aside from a couple sunset photos ( is not Instagram), he did a good job using photos of himself that both showed what he looks like and what it would look like to be in his company ( out and about/active).

My thoughts: This man is 52 years old. He’s WAY past childhood. Talking about how we grew up is important, but let’s save those convos for when we are out on dates and getting to know someone. In your dating profile, talk about who you are NOW. 

What other reaction could someone have other than: Wow, it’s really cool you played football….35 years ago. 

Employ the art of summarization: I have a eclectic career background and I’m proud of all the things I learned along the way. Something like this will generate questions, i.e conversation starters. He’s better off letting someone ask him what jobs he’s had in order to get a dialogue going. 

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