Want to avoid making mistakes in your online dating profile?

There are lots of thoughts and opinions out there about what’s right and what’s wrong with online dating profiles. Below are my thoughts and my opinions on what mistakes should be avoided.

Statements like these don’t make for great online dating profile. Be thoughtful about how others might read between the lines. These excerpts are from various female profiles on match.com. Please note, I didn’t correct sentence structure or grammar.

Excerpt: The 1st thing I want to say is that if I don’t respond to you right away I promise it isn’t because of ignoring you I am a single mom holding down 2 jobs that’s the whole reason I signed up for this I don’t have a lot of free time to meet people so I thought Hey why not give this a shot.

My thoughts: You don’t need to tell people your schedule in your dating profile. You especially shouldn’t talk about how busy you are. Being busy is code for: I won’t be able to allot enough time to date or to get to know a person.

Excerpt: I don’t ask a lot and I’m not high maintenance at all.  Number one: you must have a job. This is so important. I’m not even sure why you’d be here if you didn’t!! Number 2:  No hard drugs. I smoke occasionally to relax, but that’s it. Zero tolerance. And seriously, don’t be a butt head if people tell you you’re a jerk we probably won’t get along.

My thoughts: Talk about what you do want, not what you don’t want. This is very negative and demanding. She says she’s not high maintenance, but that’s not the impression I get. Be careful, you never know who you might insult. Maybe the man/woman of your dreams has a best friend who is between jobs right now. And, what is a butthead? One person’s butthead might be another person’s knight in shining armor.

Excerpt: I have been married once before we divorce in 2XXX and I was then in a long term relationship 10 years that recently ended.

My thoughts: No need to bring up past relationships at this stage of the game. That’s 3rd – 4th date talk.

Excerpt: I still wonder if anyone needs to read these profiles. Oh my God please know that I am not here to hook up with anyone or be your FWB so don’t waste your time or mine. I do have a sense of humor.

My thoughts: Anyone serious about dating is absolutely reading profiles! Given this person’s lack of effort shows me they don’t care about dating. I’m glad she has a sense of humor, but what does that mean to her? Everyone has a different kind of sense of humor.
Overall, this profile doesn’t really say anything about her or what she likes to do or what she values in life or what her lifestyle looks like.

Excerpt: This isn’t my ideal way of meeting someone however my job doesn’t make it easy and all of my friends are in relationships. I want to find someone who enjoys a night out just as much as a night in. Someone who I can share a good laugh with. Make me laugh and you’ll get a hell of a chance.

My thoughts: Have confidence in online dating!! It’s an incredible way to meet people! Be proud to be there. Again, talking about how busy you are isn’t going to be attractive. And! What kinds of things make you laugh? This profile lacks tons of information and gives no opening for a conversation starter.

Remember, your online dating profile is your personal brand.

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