This has happened to many of us. We’ve met our perfect person……almost. 

You’ve met the man of your dreams. He’s handsome, has a great job, works hard, is ambitious, smart, he makes you laugh and you simply adore him. The problem? He’s emotionally unavailable. He has demons. He dwells on the past. He has a temper. Whatever the case may be. Whatever it is that makes him *almost* perfect.  

Totally aggravating, right? 

And, this is what you end up doing: Ignoring the problem, looking past or trying really hard not to let it bother you.

If it bothers you. It bothers you. You’re allowed to be bothered. Of course, you also have the right to work on changing your feelings, but if you can’t find a way to be happy, then that’s something to think about.  

It’s your life! You can choose what you want in your life. That’s what you have to think about. 

Of course, there is something said for accepting each other’s quirks. I’m a big fan of that, actually. I’m not talking about the little things, though. I’m talking about the BIG things.  

I’ve dated guys who were almost perfect (for me).  And, each time I tried so hard not to let my irritations bother me because I liked them so much. Most everyone will have something or a few things, you are looking for. And, if that something is a trait you want the most then it’s hard to tell yourself not to ignore the other things bothers you. You have to decide what your cost is for your overall happiness. 

I had to let the guys go that really weren’t the right person for me. It wasn’t an easy decision and in some cases, it took me a long time to do. I mulled over it, I went back and forth in deciding what I wanted. In the end, I didn’t want the rest of my life to include a man with attributes that didn’t line up with mine. It was just too big. 

Now that I’m out of these relationships and time has gone by, I thank my lucky stars that I was strong enough to do it. In retrospect, I see better how unhappy I was. And, saying no to those guys leaves me open for my Mr. Right. My prince charming. The man who embodies everything I am looking for, with no exceptions. Boy am I excited for that! The thought of him passing me by because I stayed with one of those other dudes. Big fat PHEW. 

I have no plans now, or ever, to settle.

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