I will get straight to the point: There are no bad dates, only bad perspectives. If you date with the right perspective, with the right attitude, it will be a better experience.

Here’s a truth: You will not click with more people than you will click with. If it were that easy to ride off into the sunset with someone then dating wouldn’t exist. If you could walk into a bar, into a grocery store, into a party meet someone and that’s it, then dating wouldn’t exist.

Knowing that, is it fair to come away from every date denouncing a gender or calling everyone a loser? What you don’t find attractive someone else might. Your wrong match is someone else’s right match.

No matter what, you learned something. If there is nothing else you can take away from a date, you still learned something. Put some thought into what that is.

Big things I’ve learned from dating: Confidence, my self-worth, managing situations out of my comfort zone, figuring out what I want out of dating, out of relationships and out of life. I’ve learned that I am charming and funny and easy to talk to. I’ve learned how to read and listen to my intuition.

I always approach every new first date with fresh eyes and an open mind. I always let go of the past and focus on the moment.

If I find myself not feeling attracted to this person for feeling a romantic connection, I’m ok with it. I still get to enjoy being dressed up, having a drink, a meal and conversation with another human being. I can get through an hour.

I’ve been on so many dates with amazing wonderful men, they just weren’t the right one for me. I have no doubts that there are lucky ladies out there thrilled they got to meet the men I didn’t have potential with. I’m sure they are happy and I wish them well.

Maybe not everyone is a believer in the universe, but I am a true believer that what I put out there I will get back. I am always kind and pleasant and friendly and conversational. I always treat people with respect and consideration. I am not going to be rude to my date simply based on the fact that he didn’t turn out to be “the one.” That’s not his problem. I’m not “the one” for him either.

If you hang onto anger, if you’ve concluded that dating sucks, everyone is a loser, if you really just can’t stand the rest of us single men and women, if you truly hate dating that much, then stop dating. Please don’t waste our time with your bad attitude. To me, an angry bitter attitude is the worst.

If you want to know, I think people with bad attitudes are the real losers.

At the end of the day the only person doing you a disservice is yourself. Think about that.

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