For some of us finding that special someone is taking longer than we would otherwise like. In that reality we end up not participating in activities because we’d rather plan them with a companion. A special someone we can share our experiences with. After all, experiences are what binds us.

We all have places we want to go, right? Whether it’s a safari in South Africa, a week on the beach in the Maldives, hiking the Appalachian trail, or simply taking day trips and discovering nearby towns, we like going on ventures and seeing what’s what. But, most of us end up putting our getaways on hold while waiting to have someone to go with.

We are making sure we find our perfect person; the person who is right for us. That’s great! That’s how it should be done. But, in the meantime while we are waiting for Mr. or Ms. Right we are letting life pass us by.

I say, if you want to visit a place you’ve never been before. Go. Carpe diem. Time doesn’t stand still, and if we have an opportunity to make life happen, then let’s make life happen.

I recently returned from a trip and I cannot wait to plan my next. I had the best time!

I flew alone, I drove alone, I ate alone, I shopped alone, I hiked alone. I was me and only me.

And, while I was on my own I took the time to self-reflect. It was inevitable. I was able to listen to my own thoughts and I had some pretty great conversations with myself.

I felt invigorating confidence.  I will admit, prior to leaving for this trip I was hesitant about doing all these things by myself in an unfamiliar locale. However, once I was actually doing it I was undoubtedly sure of myself. In fact, I felt proud. I was proud that I could sit at a bar, order a couple beers, eat some food and sit and enjoy myself. I was proud of finding a great trail and hiking my days away.  I was proud of myself for not needing companionship. I was proud that I was my own best company. I did what I set out to do and it was awesome.

I felt liberated and high on freedom. I answered to no one. I did what I wanted to do, I went where I wanted to go and I did it when I wanted to do it. I only had myself to take care of. I didn’t have to be concerned if another person I was with was happy or not. I felt like I had solid, productive, very meaningful days. I truly lived in the moment, and I think I was able to do that because I didn’t have any added distraction.

Without intending to be dramatic, my trip was enlightening and awe inspiring. I learned that I can, indeed, do this. I learned that I only need myself. I learned that I have power to take control and seek my own experiences. 

I’m starting to wonder if I will always want to travel alone. But, if I had the right partner I’m sure that’s not true. In the end, what I am sharing isn’t about which is better, traveling alone or with a sweetheart. It’s about inspiring those who’ve thought about traveling alone but haven’t yet taken the initiative. Life is too short to wait. And, if traveling is something you feel will enhance your life experience, then do it.


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