Benefits of Having Your Dating Profile Written For You

Girl Writing Her Online Dating Profile

Interested in having someone writing your online dating profile?

I know that some folks are hesitant to have help with their online dating profile because it won’t feel authentic. However, nothing I write will be inauthentic, as long as you are open and honest when working through the questionnaire. For more, visit How It Works | FAQ.

There are strategic benefits to having help with your dating profile.


  • Take away the burden of “how,” and “what to write.”
    • Clients have told me many times that they consider themselves good writers, but when it comes to their online dating profile they don’t know “how” to write about themselves or “what” they should share about themselves. Extra bonus if you don’t feel you’re a good writer to begin with.
  • I will see you objectively, which is how potential dates will see you. Sometimes, when we are too close to ourselves it’s hard to put on paper exactly what we’d like to convey to others. Let me do that.
  • I work with you, not just for you. I’m very open to feedback. I want you to feel good about your profile and what your dating goals are.
  • Save yourself the time of researching and reading advice on what makes a good dating profile. I’ve done the leg work, I’ve had my own experiences, and I’ve worked with 1000s of clients. I know what the common mistakes are and how to avoid them. I have a certain strategy that will fulfill the goal and purpose of your online dating profile: Getting conversations started.
  • You’ve got nothing to lose. I’m proud of my generous refund policy. Feel free to ask me how many people I’ve actually refunded. Hint: It’s not very many.
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