Your online dating profile is not improv at the comedy club.  Your profile is an opportunity to portray yourself in a way that shows potential partners who you are and what your life is about: Your lifestyle, what kinds of things you like to do, what your values are, etc. Getting face time is the ultimate goal of a dating profile. Once you get face time you can be as funny as you want.

People often think, men in particular (sorry guys), that having a funny profile will help them stand out. That might be the case, but probably not in the way they think. Having a dating profile full of jokes will most likely backfire, especially if you are looking for a serious relationship. Keep in mind that funny can easily be misinterpreted and difficult to pull off in just words. Funny to you might not be funny to me.

It’s better to just say you are funny instead of trying to be funny, and then prove it on your dates.

What stands out to me when I read online dating profiles is seeing genuine thought and care. Showing and saying to someone that you are looking for a real relationship and you care about dating is what I find impressive. I won’t bother communication (much less plan a date) with you if I don’t get a sense our lives will mix well together, and my time it too valuable to guess. If you make a bunch of jokes I’ll just think you are a joke and move on.

Making jokes is passive aggressive. It makes you seem emotionally unavailable. It takes guts to put yourself out there and admit you want a connection.

Everyone wants humor in a relationship; humor is very important. It helps build connection. It helps you feel comfortable being around another person. But, I want you to make me laugh after you’ve proven to me that you are genuine about dating, settling down and being serious with someone.

I’m not saying be a big fat bore. Choose photos that reflect what a good time dates will have with you. Show yourself smiling and laughing and having fun. Your profile and pictures go hand-in-hand, be strategic.

This one is a touchy subject. I get it. My advice here is based on my opinion. I see the choice boiling down to playing it safe rather than sorry.

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