As a seasoned online dater I have grown accustomed to the phenomenon termed “ghosting.” This is when you are texting/talking/seeing someone to all of a sudden never hear from them again. This loosely applies mostly to someone you thought was really interested.

In other words: blown off, ignored, disregarded, or been silently been told to ‘F’ off and go away.

If you are an online dating newb this probably pisses you off. But, alas, we live in a world of passive aggressive dating. It’s par for the course and we have to just get over it.

I’ve had guys say such charming sweet things giving me the impression they really wanted to get to know me, just to never hear from them again. I’ve had guys actually ask me out on a date that I never heard from again. Heck! I even dated a guy for 5 months who just disappeared.

To all I say, oh well.

I’ve even done it myself.

I know, I know, what happened to common decency? I at least draw the line at casual chatting/texting vs. all out dating. If I meet you for a date I will politely let you know I’m not interested.

Most recently I was texting with a guy who I decided I didn’t want to talk to anymore. In the meantime I also had some texts from a guy I did like. Long story short, at one point I was texting back and forth with the guy I didn’t like thinking it was the guy I did like. Oooopsie.

Here’s a tip: Give phone numbers contact names, save yourself the trouble.

I genuinely felt bad. I even thought to ride it out and give the guy a chance and meet him for a date (if he asked, he hadn’t done that yet). Then it was Valentine’s Day and he texted to wish me a Happy Valentine’s with a bunch of lovey dovey emojis. Dude, we’ve never even met. I got a little creeped out. I didn’t respond.

This guy ended up texting me one or two times a day for a week with zero response from me. Give it up, big guy. Now I think you are a desperate stalker.

And, coincidentally the guy I did like asked if I wanted to meet for a drink. I said, sure! And then I never heard from him again. Haha. So, whatever.

I’m telling ya, it’s just how it is. We have to not get frustrated by it. Online dating is a great way to people, but we have to remember that in the beginning we are all strangers (faces under white sheets, if you will). And, the good news is, when a guy/girl does like you, they will text you, they will go out on a date with you, they will call again, etc. Try not to get prematurely caught up in the excitement of a new prospect and definitely don’t get attached to someone who is literally just text.

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