The premise of this quote is if you want something different out of your life you have to put something different into it. If we keep doing the same thing, we’ll keep getting the same thing. It’s a simple, aha, moment.

And, what it comes down to is taking a risk, being bold, uninhibited, stepping out our comfort zones.

Do we want to be this guy? guy wont jump Looking into the unknown, but turning around.

Or, do you we to be this guy? super guy Taking a leap of faith and throwing caution to the wind.

It’s a good reminder to reflect upon actions.

What are some choices we’ve made in life that had results we weren’t too pleased with? Did we make these choices on more than one occasion with the same unpleasant outcome? Is it time to take a different approach?

How can we apply this quote to dating? Are we looking for love in the wrong places? Do we need to reanalyze our “type?” Do we judge too quickly?

Another way to look at this quote is to think about how often we wish for something and hope it will magically appear. In reality, most of the time, we have to work at it/for it. Sometimes that work is listening to ourselves, paying attention to our guts (which may be easier said than done). Sometimes we have to try something new, something that makes us nervous or afraid. Sometimes we have to stop hemming and hawing and commit to a decision.

I say, take a moment to think. This is a great quote to apply to your dating life, but also in so many other ways: Work life, relationships, following through on a dream, etc.

Would anyone like to share a story about a time you stepped out of your comfort zone and were happy with the outcome, or perhaps a time you wish you had but didn’t? Comment below or on Facebook.

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