It looks awesome. I sound like a real catch! Thank you very much!
William, 37, Canada

This is perfect! I love it! Thank you so much!!
Tania, 45, USA

The profile is absolutely perfect! You did a great job crafting words with an authentic sounding voice to describe what I am looking for and who I am. Thank you so much!
Tara, 48, Canada

I love it.  Wow, I don’t think I would have seen myself like that.  I sound so good!
Helen, 42, USA

This is perfect!!! There is no way I could have written that myself
Lucy, 45, Canada

Everything is PERFECT. I love it. You are really good!
Roehl, 55, Canada

This is perfect! I really like it. You really are talented.
Amanda, 37, USA

The profile is awesome. Outstanding work!
Des, 45, Australia

This is so much better than expected! I am truly impressed.
BB, 30, USA

Very Happy!!!! Your company is amazing!!
Kathy, 50, USA

It is quite impressive how well you were able to capture who I am and what it is I am looking for. Really well done!
James, 40, USA

My profile looks great!  Thank you soo much!  You do amazing work!
Kathryn, 39, USA

I was skeptical. I read my profile and my first impression was that it was “ok.”  But I guess the “proof is in the pudding.” I posted it on match and all of the sudden I am getting some emails, and a lot more likes, and interested “clicks” than I have in two weeks. Worth the money.
Matt, 50, USA

Lydia did a wonderful job of capturing me by writing a fantastic profile. She had wonderful suggestions. I also found her to be very caring and personal and she quickly responded to all my communications. I highly recommend Hidden Gem!
Lynn, 55, USA

I must say the questionnaire has been a great exercise for me to do, for personal awareness and development – as I haven’t thought about a lot of these things.  This has been a luxury for me to do something for myself. I have actually tried to have a think about reasons why for some of my answers – which has actually been great for my self-discovery!!!!
Cara, 40, Australia

Fantastic! Thank You!
Dawn, 42, USA

Lydia, This is beautiful!
Janelle, 35, USA

Before finding Hidden Gem I attempted to work with another service which ended up taking my money and was non-responsive and did not deliver. Hidden Gem has a great price and Lydia is professional and follows through with great work. Great Service!
Josh, 30, USA

Wow, it was so easy to answer the questionnaires…Simple answers is all I gave her and I received such a well-written profile that really is me. I can’t recommend her enough..fantastic is all I can say…
Joe, 51, USA

Thanks very much for writing my profile. I love it. I think it describes very well my personality and what I am looking for.
Aminata, 40, Canada

Lydia did a great job. She has a real talent for putting these things together.
Richard, 62, USA

Hi Lydia, I just got done reading the profile you wrote, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have to say it sounds great. Very well-written. Money well spent, thanks.
Yusuf, 36, USA

Thank you so much, it is great! I love it, punchy and fun!
Rachel, 52, Canada

WOW! I love the profile. Describes me better than I could have ever tried to. Thank you so much for your help.
Robert, 45, USA

I love it!! Thank you so much!!
Barb, 50, USA

It sounds great…out of all the questions that I answered you really pulled out and simplified it…Love it! Thank you!!
Caroline, 54, USA

Working with Lydia really was like working with a friend. So helpful!
Stan, 42, USA

Wow! I love it! Thank you so much!
Vikki, 48, USA

The questions were great and gave me so much to think about. My 16-year-old daughter said, “I really think she did a great job of capturing your true essence mom.” I am so thankful for this beautifully written profile. What a gift.
Melinda, 50, USA

I worked with a dating coach who referred me to Lydia to write my online dating profile. She did a great job and gave great advice and suggestions.
Stephen, 33, England

Thank you for such a great, concise and professional profile. You worked wonders. It is a much-needed service you provide.
Trisha, 45, USA

Lydia has done a great job! I love it. I like the way she connects those words.  I’ll definitely reach out in the future for more of help, if needed. I’m really appreciative of her help on this. Job well done!
Ray, 52, USA

Lydia Took my answers from the questionnaire and created a wonderful profile for me.   It’s almost as if she knew me personally. I am very impressed with her work, professionalism and amazing customer service. I highly recommend Lydia!
Elizabeth, 37, USA

I couldn’t have written anything even close to what Lydia wrote. I am so grateful for her help!
Daniela, 55, USA

I received my profile and it is phenomenal! I had my friends and family read it and they all said Lydia captured me perfectly!
Katie, 45, USA

Oh my gosh Lydia! I love it! You are fantastic! I wish I could do that. Maybe because I’m writing about my self and that is hard for me. But you nailed it!  That’s me!
JoAnn, 55, USA

I hired Lydia to write a dating profile for me, and thus far I have met several great guys! My hope was that I could post a profile that would lead to this very outcome, so I couldn’t be more satisfied. I would highly recommend that anyone with any anxieties about writing that “introduction” give Lydia a try.
Amy, 41, USA

Lydia is very friendly, and she shows great interest in working with clients. She’s done a marvelous job for me.
Lynn, 45, USA

As a very busy person, I wasn’t in a position to write an effective profile. Most of my previous dating has been in person over the years. I searched the internet for profile writers and whilst I had the opportunity to compare alternative profile writers, Hidden Gem has proved the most effective in terms of speed of turn around, cost and profile effectiveness on internet dating.
In spite of not being able to put together as much information as I should have, the finished profile from Hidden Gem reflected accurately a fit for purpose narrative of my position and what I am looking for in a partner. Other profile writers I used as a comparison were expensive, substandard and bland beyond belief.
I can recommend Hidden Gem to any prospective internet dater out there seeking a serious relationship.
Samuel, 35, England

Thank you for a great profile! Lydia did a good job at summarizing the things I’d had trouble putting into words.
Triston, 21, USA

English isn’t my first language and Lydia was a help creating a well-written profile I was having trouble with. I really like what she wrote!
Oksana, 35, USA

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