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I am a world traveler, a counselor, a researcher and an entrepreneur. “What makes me unique in this business, aside from my creative writing skills, is I’m also an experienced online dater. I’ve been where you are, I know what it’s like.”

I want you to have an online dating profile you can be proud of. I want to relieve that anxious feeling of where to begin when writing a personal dating profile.

I am open-minded to everyone’s personal situation and lifestyle. If asked, I am happy to share advice generated from my own experiences. You will never get judgment from me!

For more see me on LinkedIn.

I am a big fan of online dating and I want it to be a positive experience for everyone. You will get out of it what you put in. I say, GO FOR IT!”

While online dating does not come without challenges, you can minimize frustrations by putting your best foot forward and showcases your best self.

Lydia did a wonderful job of capturing me by writing a fantastic profile. She had wonderful suggestions. I also found her to be very caring and personal and she quickly responded to all my communications. I highly recommend Hidden Gem! Lynn, USA

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