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Q: Which online dating sites do you write profiles for?
A: All of them! Simply let me know what site you are on, the parameters and what you are looking for.

Q: Do you write profiles for the LGBTQ community?
A: Of course!

Q: Do you write profiles for social media sites?
A: Yes. I can write profile summaries for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. For more information visit my “Other Writing” page.

Q: Do you have samples of your work?
A: Yes. Please message me and I will respond with sample excerpts.

Q: How do you accept payment?
A: I use PayPal to process my fees. Major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.

Q: Do you give advice about dating?
A: I am happy to answer any questions to the best of my ability based on my own experiences. You can also join my Facebook group to chat with me and other peers.

Q: Are you available for a phone call?
A: Yes. Please message me at and we can set up a date and time.