Why And How To Background Check Your Dates

In this day and age, it's common to do a little digging into a person you are dating or planning on dating. Yes, it feels weird and awkward. It feels like you are violating someone's privacy. But, I say, who cares. This is about your time, your safety, your life and the decisions you want

Stop The Stigma Of Online Dating

This post is for those who have an objection to online dating, or for those how have thought about it but are unwilling to take the plunge. I learned the other day that someone close to me met her soon to be fiancé online. But! She's too embarrassed to tell anyone that's how they met.

How To Choose The Right Photos For Your Online Dating Profile

There are two things that make up your dating profile: Your “About Me” section and the photographs you choose. Statistics show that both are equally important. Take the time and care to get both right. So, what should you think about when choosing photos: Ixnay the selfies. Yes, we want to see a clear picture

Traveling Alone. Do It!

For some of us finding that special someone is taking longer than we would otherwise like. In that reality we end up not participating in activities because we'd rather plan them with a companion. A special someone we can share our experiences with. After all, experiences are what binds us. We all have places we

Online Dating Can Be A Great ‘How We Met’ Story

I was recently scrolling through dating profiles and I came across a guy who wrote: It's ok, if we hit it off I'll tell people we met in Wegmans. Why? Why do we have to lie to people about how we met? Why is telling people we met online dating such a terrible thing? Whether

My Week On Bumble

My week on Bumble. I was unsure about Bumble. I didn’t think of it as something worthwhile to try. I thought that mostly because of where I live. I thought it was a big city app and that probably no one in my small city was using it. After chatting with a friend of mine

How To Craft An Opening Email When Online Dating.

One of the most challenging parts of online dating getting the conversation started. First you search. Then you find someone who sparks your interest. You find them attractive, you read their profile and think, hey this guy/girl sounds pretty cool. You click, ‘send an email’ just to stare at a blank page for 30 minutes.

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